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  1. 6769Mopars
    6769Mopars 67hemi
    Hi, I believe I met Steve Siegel yesterday at a car show in the Tampa area. He told me that he had just bought a restored black/red 68 Dart GTS. I neglected to get his contact information and would enjoy making contact with him. Can you connect us? I am - 770-354-6668 (C) or 813-641-7674 (H).


  2. dieseldazzle
  3. coronet512
    coronet512 rat roaster
    do you have a hood of some kind, or access to one? Interested in your coronet..
    Thanks Chris
  4. bobtile
    bobtile lewtot184
    Thanks for the information that you share. I just wanted you to know that it is really appreciated. (By myself anyway). I learn stuff every day.
  5. kelly
    kelly Pops1967GTX
    don't know what that means. If get drunk,,,, hell yes....
  6. Donny
    Donny lxmodguy
    Hey LXMODGUY, I'm there, 5.7 in the Satellite. I just don't know what I don't know! When you coming to S.A. to swing by, we can chat about this, see what we can do for one another -- ie following up on our conversations some many months ago. Cheers!
  7. kelly
    kelly chignikred
    looking for the fuse block for my 62 dodge
  8. moparwacko
    Your what hurts?
  9. Robliepse
    Robliepse tnfastback
    Very interested in the Rally Wheels. 678-736-0271 Rob, Buford. GA
  10. Budnicks
    Budnicks 1962polara
    Very generous gift
    thank you, your a great person/member...
  11. bigmanjbmopar
  12. jamesfillmore
    jamesfillmore moparsteve636
    Do you sell the B body firewall plugs for AC cars needing to plug unused insulation pin holes?

    Jim Fillmore
    Detroit Muscle Technologies

    PS Can you email me at
  13. ron luks
    ron luks
    Finnally finished (I THOUGHT) my 64 Savoy, did a few test runs and changing from 10.5 to 13/31 tire, back to regular SS. Pics in new garage
  14. Moparsal
    Moparsal Denis Boucher
    I have a hub still attached, I can do $65 shipped,
    Email me your email for pics,
  15. moparwacko
    "And I approve this message"
  16. gdrill
    Just enjoying "B"-ing here
  17. moparwacko
    Oh behave.......yeah baby
  18. tnfastback
    tnfastback moparlouie
    How much shipping on emblems to 37814??
  19. 67coronetman
    67coronetman partmopar
    Hey there old buddy this is Mark and Tennessee we got a lot of trading and buying with you rocker arms and other things I'm just curious if you give me a shout sometime send me your number I have lost it well I didn't actually lose it my phone got damaged Beyond repair and I was not able to retrieve half of my contacts
  20. moparmarkk
    moparmarkk Jetblast
    the cast number P4532134,all new,you have my cell,any chance you going to mopars at big daddy's in Nov.? Mark