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  1. polywideblock
    don't follow me ,I'm lost too
  2. 66Satellite47
    66Satellite47 SUPERSTOCKRACER
    SSR, you sure generate a lot of commentary/criticism. Love the '65 Coronet, sure wish I still had mine. You surely have knowledge that old guys like me can benefit from.
  3. Jetblast
    Reviving from a medication induced illness. To those who wrote or that I appeared to ignore, I apologize for not getting back to you.
  4. bigmanjbmopar
    bigmanjbmopar coloradodave
    Hey man looking over some older posts about power steering and came across your picture of your set up, I am running into an issue with my new Borgeson set up with a new Saginaw pump and the pulley not lining up I see you have a dual pulley on your water pump and I saw it on 440source and ordered one but wasn't sure if that is the spot to run the steering off of? Does yours work ok?
  5. Cranky
    Cranky Mike67
    Saw that there were no messages on your profile so thought I'd leave one :D
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  6. Bb70charger500
  7. partsmonsta
    partsmonsta Nacho-RT74
    Nacho; You were gonna unearth some 66 Coronet Surrounds and get back to me.
    Any more NOS parts found?
  8. evilmopar
    Mopar addicted
  9. mmissile
    It would depend on your engine/manifold combination. I had too little room for the rear carb. PM's work better for me to see. Mike.
  10. 65 Coronet
    65 Coronet mmissile
    Curious if you have any pictures of the top of your hood on your 67 Coronet you could share? I'm looking at getting the same scoop for my 65 as I'm putting a high rise intake on my car. Not sure if that scoop will have adequate clearance? Thanks, Mike
  11. gdrill
    gdrill daredevil
    Happy Birthday Bud! Haven't seen you in while. Hope you had a great day!
  12. GetX'd
    Are you going to spring fling? I very likely will come up for that and bring the GTX.
  13. GetX'd
    Are you goi
  14. 69roadr
    69roadr GetX'd
    wish we were closer
  15. 69roadr
    69roadr GetX'd
    you are pretty far down south.
  16. 69roadr
    69roadr GetX'd
    Hey Kevin, i 'm about 80 miles north of you near Calabasas.
    HEMI-ITIS glassman
    Larry,do you make a dash for a 63 plymouth??
    HEMI-ITIS super-bee_ski
    Hey MARK! What's doin man? I came across a Kawi triple the other day,,,,,do you remember that thread,we were talkin about them?? Send me a link if you can
  19. Michael789
    Michael789 dart4forte
    Hi dose this fire core setup do away with the ballest resister? One last question is there a reason you prefer the stock ignition over the firecore? I always see people saying how good they are. Thanks
  20. BadBee
    '69 Dart 440/6/4speed