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New Profile Posts

  1. kiwigtx
    kiwigtx Drop.440
    You have some very nice cars.
  2. Magnum fan
    Magnum fan glennb49
    How bout some pics of that 79 magnum?
  3. BigBlock61
    Waiting to close on a bigger garage with a house in front of it.
  4. cdr
  5. The not so tall man
    The not so tall man oldmanmopar
    Wow your only about 2 hours from me. But please define "help cut it out and tools here" are you talking spot weld cutters, torches, sawlsall? and what days are good? If your cutting a car up other parts I may be able to use would be upper cowl/ a pillar (drivers side) possibly a rear valance if it has the factory exhaust cut outs, or possibly a pass fender.
  6. kelly
    kelly Pops1967GTX
    what are you taling about??????
  7. pickle65ragtop
    Experience is what you get when you get what you didn't want.....
  8. 451Mopar
    451Mopar David Lee
    David, my number is 303-947-6032. Jim Grosso (451Mopar)
  9. moparwacko
    I'm no Dr., but I'll take a look....
  10. gdrill
    gdrill JimKueneman
    Happy Birthday Sir. Hope you have a great day and it involves your car.
  11. snakeyes
    snakeyes super-bee_ski
    hihow is it going still living the dream
  12. jusglazin
    jusglazin slick
    Also search for keystone on this site. Lkq is their parent company, same thing.
  13. jusglazin
    jusglazin slick
    1. slick
      That's a good price, mine aren't rusted on the front. A little reminder st on the backs but just surface. Both fron and back have a small amount of bend in the where the PO kissed something at low speed maybe parking. I guess a will call them I don't see any information on restoration procedures
      Aug 4, 2017
  14. jusglazin
    1. slick
      Thanks for sharing, I didn't see those. I've been trying to find a nice set. Looking for something restored or in very good shape. The ones I have are not real bad but need restored. I might end up getting a set from bumper boys.
      Jul 31, 2017
    2. jusglazin
      I wouldnt waste my money on the ones they sell. They use a cheap chrome process. Their bumpers are not triple chromed. You can still see the sand marks in them and they fade and peel after a few years in the weather. If you have good cores you can have them redone. I use Keystone Automotive. The use a three stage process and give a lifetime warranty.
      Aug 1, 2017
      slick likes this.
    3. slick
      Thanks allot for the help, do you have the contact information? I googled them and found more than 1. I did notice some of the BB bumpers looked sub par. There was another bumper restoration place out of Ca. At Carlise but same thing, quality wasn't what I would expect for 800 dollars a bumper.
      Aug 1, 2017
  15. 383MovingViolation
    383MovingViolation 69f6bee
    Do you still have the steering gear box and is it a good tight unit ? Thanks
  16. dave dodge
    dave dodge Red63440
    Hi Red, hope all is well. Just put a new pair of super stock springs in the a car and shocks seem to be to short. Searched previous post and saw you had a recommendation. Could you pass on that info please? Still say you had the best looking 63!
  17. moparmarkk
    moparmarkk Schober Motorsports
    hey saw your add for the trailer,when and where are you going? how long? let me know ,mark
  18. kiwigtx
    kiwigtx moparwacko
    MASSIVE GOLD MEMBER ....you horny baby? LMAO
    1. moparwacko likes this.
  19. bobtile
    bobtile CudaChick1968
    Ok Leanna, I have a business proposition for you.
    Send me a couple stickers and Ill put them on my car.
    Nothing else needed.
  20. Rick & Bubba's 70 RR 440
    Rick & Bubba's 70 RR 440 tahiti190
    Hi ... do you still have the seats as I am interested