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    1967 charger or coronet AC controls

    I have a 67 Charger will original AC and I just had the Dash redone and I want to use the original controls but two of the vacuum nipples on my controls are broken off. Is there a way of repairing this, or possibly somewhere or someone I could buy their unwanted controls?

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    That's a common problem. So is the plates freezing up and not sliding.
    I fixed one once, but dang if I can't remember what adhesive I used.
    Luckily the pressure from the hoses on the undamaged nips will help hold the repaired one on.
    I think the same control head was used on 70 and up darts. I scavenged the clear buttons from one a few months ago. I should have gotten the whole assembly as it was in great shape. Didn't have the right tools and was in a hurry.

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    i have repaired many of those with a plastic vacuum connector of the right size,and a two part epoxy.with a little dremel work you can make it almost look original.just cut off the vacuum tee end to length and clean up the spot on the controls.glue the two together with the epoxy once you get a fairly tight fit.tape works good to hold it into place while the epoxy drys.just make sure you dont get any epoxy inside the holes.should be fairly easy.

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    Awesome thank you guys for the advice. Mine does seem to be sticky, i think i can fix them tho.

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    I do remember taking the plates apart.
    Just remember to keep them in order so they go back together correctly.
    I can't remember if I used graphite or white lithium to lube them.
    I also remember having to engineer a way to reattach the backing plate since there's not much of the pins left after you do whatever you have to do to get them off.

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