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      Hi all. Here's a couple of pics for you to look at. I bought the GTX about 3 year ago. I was going to do as much as I could myself and get it on the road. A bit too much for me. After a while I realised I wanted it back to original so left it alone until I could afford to get it done properly. Finally put in the shop just before xmas 2011. I'll add some more later of when it was in my garage and getting taken apart. Before I woke up to myself.
      Just put up some photos of when I took it apart in my garage. Bolted all the main bits back on before I took it to the resto shop. I've got the motor and box in storage and will send off for rebuild when the body is almost ready.

      Added some more photo's today, 11 April. Project really moving along now. Thanks for looking.

      Coming home Monday 13 November. Now the fun starts.

      Feb. 2013. Sound deadener in. Ac/heater box in. Engine back together and awaiting paint and install.

      Xmas 2013 - Jan 2014. Engines in brake and fuel lines back on. A lot of fiddlly stuff to get through now. Rear axle has new suregrip and brakes. Still finishing off front calipers.

      Bit more progress on the calipers.
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      Arrived at the shop 1st day at the shop Base coat after blasting Needed both rear quarters, panel under rear windshield, and roof skin. All hanging panels and boot lid and bonnet were in great condition and didn't need replacing. A/C Heater box A/C Heater box Was like an eagles nest inside. Should have taken the photo sooner before the chicks got out. Floor was pretty bad. Seats were pretty good, just marked up a bit. Missing ac ducts to front vent. Bought on FBBO. Xclent Driver window top lower than passenger side. Needed repair. Wow. So many wires Donk coming out Donk on the floor Cut the old floor out. New floor in. Guards off Cleaned up the bucket rails. A lovely rear Where do you put everything When you're divorced, anywhere you want to. Frame was eaten badly but skin was good. Boot frame repaired Still awaiting finishing touches but he did a good job. Had terrible cancer in the corners. Looks a lot better now. Only minor alterations needed on the new filler panel to make a nice fit for window and molding. '68 Charger next door Original doors, fenders and bonnet. Bit of fill and blocking getting ready for finishing stages. Nice gaps all round. '70 Plymouth GTX - Photo 6183 Final blocking Almost there Paint not far away Finished K member. All new bushes, ball joints, tie rods etc. Also had steering box re-conditioned '70 Plymouth GTX - Photo 6740 '70 Plymouth GTX - Photo 6741 FF4 exterior, EF8 interior '70 Plymouth GTX - Photo 6743 Vinyl going on. '70 Plymouth GTX - Photo 6893 '70 Plymouth GTX - Photo 6894 On the trailer ready to come home. Another view Sound deadener and under dash foam. Had to make a piece for ac/heater box which was missing. Still needs the spring though. I'll put it in before finishing off dash. Finally putting things back together. Almost done Waiting for new steel rocker covers to arrive then paint. Roof deadener Squeeze it in wherever i can B4 After New battery tray had hole in different position All fixed Just fits B4 Back on after clean up metering valve exploded Safety switch exploded Under the car Axle Rear brake Bending a new fuel line rear bracket Caliper other caliper Calipers with cast iron paint. Pistons and dust boot ready to go back in. Compressing the piston into the caliper. Caliper with new dust boot. Both calipers with new seals and hoses.
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      6pktgo Glenn , A REAL WOW factor here!!! Very Nice Work!! Thanks for all the pics. 01-11-2014
      brigond Now that is beautiful. The green is awsome and it deserves it original color. 01-10-2014
      tallhair Looks really nice! Awesome 70! 01-26-2013
      Ron 73 Very impressive work! NICE! 10-27-2012
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