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  1. robedanb
    Gold Member
  2. 67Charger
    Breakin' parts!
    Just upgraded to a Gold membership. Looking forward to meeting new members.
  4. Hijinx
    Hijinx Valiantone
    You still have Mini Starter Conversion Terminals? let me know... your inbox is full
  5. ron luks
    ron luks
    Engine was done by Tom Tiganelli best known for Shadowoods SS racing, inst. Eldenbrock 1407 750 carbs, 1964 3705s's need rebuild.may sell.
  6. ron luks
    ron luks
    Just installed my redone 440, stroked to 493, eagle crank, rods, diamond 990 pin 13 to 1 pistons, redone stage 3 heads,
  7. skicker
    Just another racist "deplorable"...
  8. Ironbuilt
    Ironbuilt mightymopar
    Just remember, truck driver/farmers make the world go 'round.
  9. Ron 73
    Ron 73
    member garage
  10. kiwigtx
    kiwigtx Gyratingyak
    That's a cool UserID you chose. ... LOL
  11. mightymopar
    Educated and still a truck driver/farmer we
  12. WP29440SE
    WP29440SE RBlaha
    your inbox is full, did you sell the 15x10 centerline's?
  13. hacksaw
  14. moparwacko
    "You can think about it.........but don't do it."
  15. moparwacko
    "You can think about.....but don't do it."
  16. themechanic
    The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost
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    2. Auggie56
      Amen and Merry Christmas.
      Dec 23, 2017
    3. themechanic
      Amen Merry Christmas brother.
      Dec 23, 2017
  17. oldbee
    Retired & loving it,most of the time.
    1. 91r/t
      jealous! :)
      Nov 9, 2017
  18. 91r/t
    This getting dark at 5PM thing sucks!
  19. moparwacko
    If it was easy, anybody could do it......
  20. mikeyfrano
    mikeyfrano Kind B
    I can see if my buddy that lives in Lowell IN has time for a car that just needs to be assembled. Lowell is just a hop n skip away from chicago. He built my car and is very good Mopar mechanic. Let me know and I'll call him