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    FOR SALE 1967 Plymouth GTX Convertible - Project

    Wow Mike, I wish I had more money for this ! Dan
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    SOLD 1967 Plymouth GTX Bucket Seats with Headrests

    Hi, I would like to buy these. I know it says no shipping, but could I have them picked-up by a third party? Thanks Dan
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    WTB 67 coronet Fender R/T emblems

    want to buy from someone ..........Any condition, please contact me.
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    WTB 67 GTX or Coronet R/T Dual Snorkle Air Cleaner

    Hi, I am looking for a 67 GTX or Coronet R/T Dual Snorkle Air Cleaner in any condition. Thanks !
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    WTB 66-67 B-Body Bucket Seat Tracks

    Hi, I am looking for any 66-67 B-Body Bucket Seat tracks. I will accept replies for the above tracks in any condition. Thank you !
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    1967 belvedere parts

    Your ad says 67 Belvedere parts but then the body of your text say 70. Do you have any 67 belvedere parts? Thx.