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  1. Dbl_R69 attached a file to the thread FOR SALE 69-70 B-body auto console, shifter & linkage.


    F4378758-AC32-4BC0-B39E-870811DF943B.jpeg 49910468-5552-4583-B8E8-0277CE4EBC7E.jpeg F479F24F-AD0D-4F2B-B313-2EF3A5131002.jpeg D78F275D-AF1E-40F7-8D30-E428AA90E67A.jpeg Apr 15, 2019 at 12:49 AM
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    FOR SALE 69-70 B-body auto console, shifter & linkage

    69-70 B-body auto console. This is the older style 2 piece body but has the 69-70 dark wood grain top plates. Driver quality not show...

    986B8862-85DE-4AE6-A8AF-92DAA7907154.jpeg 52314B80-C7EB-49B6-B149-B43603FE303C.jpeg BD4418FB-66E7-4D9E-8F60-C06A1A7EF9F9.jpeg A7050F63-159C-4B4A-8539-BC0ED44D69C6.jpeg A01EA266-F82E-436D-8A7C-A04D133E04C1.jpeg 058CE8A0-FDEE-4780-B158-D3EE23F7761F.jpeg 818520F6-3B32-433D-841E-1AA6BADBBA83.jpeg D13F8459-F70B-4B7E-AF69-4FC55D22F664.jpeg CBBBAB3F-9442-4E81-8C41-17F03D139A7B.jpeg

    Forum: Interior Parts

    Apr 15, 2019 at 12:44 AM
  3. Dbl_R69 posted a new thread.

    FOR SALE Mopar 489 case 3.23 ratio open

    Mopar 8 3/4” third member. 489 case, 3.23 gear ratio, open differential (non-posi). Everything looks clean and in good shape.$200 obo...

    617CA9AD-D1F7-4369-B14C-E58CB3E75C7A.jpeg D459ED25-26B2-4F37-855A-9EAB7E2AC37F.jpeg 253B7759-6471-4162-8186-F0F7E14CD8E2.jpeg EF272ABB-40DB-4686-B32F-D857B53AE4AE.jpeg

    Forum: Mechanical Parts

    Apr 15, 2019 at 12:24 AM
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