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  1. Charged440

    Why all these calls and texts about my house lately?

    I got magikjack for business some time ago and give out that number instead of my cell. Since then I have fewer bum calls on the cell and the magikjack hardly gets any for whatever reason, plus it was dirt cheap.
  2. Charged440

    Disaster - Major Fuel Tank Issue

    I recently spoke to Spectra and the only tank they sell for a 69 charger has the fuel injection pump in it, they no longer sell the plain jane one and I could not find a plain Spectra brand one anywhere. Rock auto, 521 etc.
  3. Charged440

    Home invasion for a cat

    Could have been a Savannah, a cross between an African serval and domestic cat. Good luck wrestling with that when it's pissed off.
  4. Charged440

    What do you guys hate about this 1970 Coronet R/T for sale?

    Wonder if the same handiwork was applied to the rollbar.
  5. Charged440

    Headliner insulation?

    I used some plain jane carpet padding I got by the foot at some big box store.
  6. Charged440

    Alternator fields shorted together?

    Under load I lose a volt or so through the dash. I looked at the alternator and regulator in a last ditch effort to confirm there wasn’t something wrong there before I went through the trouble of replacing the dash harness.
  7. Charged440

    Alternator fields shorted together?

    Ok, that makes sense, my battery isn’t exactly topped off so it sounds like I’m ok there. It’s a ‘69 charger and putting it together I replaced the engine harness and did the MAD electrical amp gauge bypass, and other then the usual issues with the bulkhead, the rest of it was ok. The keys...
  8. Charged440

    Alternator fields shorted together?

    That works, it’s what led me to look for bad connections. I took care of what I found at the time and it tested ok but I must have missed something because there’s still a voltage drop coming out of the bulkhead. Thanks, my regulator is putting out 10v to the rotor, you had mentioned 0-7, I...
  9. Charged440

    Alternator fields shorted together?

    Thanks, it’s the newer electronic regulator, I had another I swapped in and it did the same thing, nothing seemed burned on the inside of either of them.
  10. Charged440

    Alternator fields shorted together?

    It will run if I remove the 12v feed from the regulator, I did have an extra one of those and swapping that didn’t change anything. I’ve checked all the usual suspects and I’m stumped.
  11. Charged440

    Alternator fields shorted together?

    Thank you, I’ll try and keep it short. I replaced a Mallory distributor with a Progression ignition unit which requires 12v all the time. I bypassed the ballast and all that and it ran good. A bit later I began to have a hard starting problem hot or cold and found low voltage at the coil. In...
  12. Charged440

    Alternator fields shorted together?

    I have a square back alternator that has one field grounded to work with the 1969 setup. How much continuity should there be between the two fields when measured at the slip rings with the brushes removed? The only spec I could find was 5-7 ohms and I'm at 1.7. Before I go replacing it I wanted...
  13. Charged440

    Smokey burnouts..

    There was a guy that was so desperate to join in the fun at the woods one day he backed his car up to the real tall curb and did a burnout in reverse. I don't remember if he poured beer down first but everybody there was like WTF?
  14. Charged440

    Used car prices are out of control in Upstate NY

    That IS a fb ad after all.
  15. Charged440

    How do you get rid of squirrels

    Mine seem to be genetically modified
  16. Charged440

    Help me pick a distributor!

    I didn't have to, 440 with iron heads and MT aluminum valve covers. The ability to lock out the ignition with the app is a nice plus.
  17. Charged440

    ATF flush for the crankcase??

    This reminds me of the time I pulled the intake off a buddy's 351 Windsor and it looked like somebody dumped a bag of charcoal in there. You couldn't even see the lifters the pushrods were so surrounded by that crap.
  18. Charged440

    William O'Connell won't be down

    William O'Connell Dies: Memorable ‘Star Trek' Villain, Foils In Clint Eastwood Films Was 94 RIP
  19. Charged440

    Detonation after distributor cap install.

    I've had goofy ignition issues that ended up being the new cap even though there was nothing wrong with it that you could see or test. Timing was all over the place, swap in a used cap and it ran good, swap it back, timing all over the place again. If everything else checks out, maybe someone...
  20. Charged440

    SOLD 1969 Glovebox Liner New

    PM sent