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  1. Belchfire 5000

    Rotating Headlight relay modification.

    For anybody that is considering doing this to their car I have found a source for the switches in case you can't find them. Link is there. Four switches shipped to Georgia was $52. I ordered them just now so haven't seen them but they are the same part number, Cherry 72-40AT but Cherry has sold...
  2. Belchfire 5000

    Rotating Headlight relay modification.

    Stupid question: you added the circuit breaker but on the sketch you only have one wire, which is the out side, I think. I'm assuming there is a hot wire in? If so where would it come from? Might try to get this out if I can find the switches. Thanks in advance. Evan
  3. Belchfire 5000

    Radio time!

    I second the Retro Sound radios. I got the head unit, amp and big speakers to sit in the cargo area behind the rear buckets. Bought it and all the cables etc. from Crutchfield and had good customer service from them. I think they make a direct replacement for the radio you have.
  4. Belchfire 5000

    Hood latch remote pull

    Nitpicking but I think the handle was on the right of the steering column. Some may have migrated to the left over the years.
  5. Belchfire 5000

    Aftermarket radiators

    Purchased my 22" radiator, shroud and electric fan from Ledfoot Racing. They are pretty easy to deal with and the prices seemed competitive.
  6. Belchfire 5000

    AC controls

    LINK <This is the link for current instructions from Vintage Air for conversion of the non air controls to be repurposed to control the Vintage Air system.
  7. Belchfire 5000

    AC controls

    I installed the non air Vintage Air system in my 66 and it used the original non air heater controls and repurposed them to control the AC.
  8. Belchfire 5000

    Rear Console Hinge Pins

    Yes, it's a press fit. The left one on my car falls out from time to time.
  9. Belchfire 5000

    Rear Console Hinge Pins

    This is off a 66. Lousy picture, sorry. The full shank is approx. 7/16" and the splines are approx. 1/4". I don't have a mic so the diameter of the top part (smooth part) is approx. 5/32" and the spline a little smaller. Let me know if I can help more.
  10. Belchfire 5000

    Window Regulator Differences 66 vs 67 Charger

    The washer is approximately 2" and is held in place by the flange on the arm. the spacer is sandwiched in between the washer and the arm. Let me know if you need any more shots or measurements.
  11. Belchfire 5000

    Window Regulator Differences 66 vs 67 Charger

    My washers are the same size as the chrome bezels/spacers. Only way they can be seen is if you push in the upholstery. Not sure if the spacers hold them in place or the size of the hole is close to the size of the spline. I'll yank one out in the morning and check.
  12. Belchfire 5000

    Window Regulator Differences 66 vs 67 Charger

    My 66 survivor has flat ones like shown in Sam69sat's picture,
  13. Belchfire 5000

    High Beam on dash not working

    On my 66 the HB bulb is under the headlight locked bulb.
  14. Belchfire 5000

    Who sells the "correct" Vertical Quarter Window Seals for 67 Charger?

    I bought mine from Steele and they are close but not quite right either. No chance they will fall out but it's impossible to roll up the door window with the quarter window closed.
  15. Belchfire 5000

    AC compressor

    CVF Racing has brackets also.
  16. Belchfire 5000

    Water leak in cowl

    also check the gaskets at the windshield wiper pivots , they can fail.
  17. Belchfire 5000

    electronic gauges Charger converstion

    As a life long land surveyor that has used survey quality GPS from the start I can assure you that is not anywhere near as accurate as a calibrated speedo. Companies claim all kinds of accuracy that is not even close. And remembering you have to have a line of sight to the satellites they are...
  18. Belchfire 5000

    Retrosound radio and EL lighting?

    Didn't have any brackets like yours and the instructions didn't show any.
  19. Belchfire 5000

    Retrosound radio and EL lighting?

    The only adjustments mine had were for the knobs, nothing for the buttons or display.
  20. Belchfire 5000

    Retrosound radio and EL lighting?

    Sorry for the lousy photos but the sun and reflections weren't helping. You can see the chrome strip above the display that should be behind the top of the cut out. Since the display and buttons are add on pieces to the radio unit there may be a way to fab another bracket or drill and tap...