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  1. jamie

    UTG Is this youtube channel for real or just supposed to be funny?

    280k subscribers following this? Ok I get that it COULD MAYBE work if you follow some basic guidelines but... I can see a hole next to the frost plug. Wouldn't a guy at least take that plug out and "V" that area,then machine/grind it round? Grind paint away from repair area and the ground...
  2. jamie

    Top 3 Greatest Guitarist Ever

    Richie Kotzen….. Gary Moore……. May as well throw the late great Jeff Healey in there, not too many could do what he could.
  3. jamie

    your thoughts on thermostat function..

    Check your distributors mechanical and vacuum function to make sure it is working as it should. Replace rad cap too. Is it puking coolant? Check that lower hose.
  4. jamie

    Metal clanking when accelerating at 65mph, 69 roadrunner 383 4spd.

    Speedo cable. Unhook it and try again Edit: accelerating at 65 oh maybe not
  5. jamie

    AAR fiberglass roadrunner bumpers

    I have them but never installed them. They look decent.I am going to sell them.PM me I can snap pics for you.
  6. jamie

    Rant: I hate chrysler

    I’ve got two S code (big block) 1967 fastback mustangs. Cry me a river. Mopars are easy to work on.
  7. jamie

    Measurement for a12 hood

    A little blurry I got it off this site. You can search it.
  8. jamie

    Measurement for a12 hood

    Roadrunner or bee?
  9. jamie

    Assistance in West Central Wisconsin -

    If money is no problem like stated, MCR in Chippewa Falls
  10. jamie

    cool Dukes video

    Rosco damned near flipped the dukes in that pit maneuver! Lol not really a pit but….
  11. jamie

    Some eye candy for you.

    I’ll see if I can take you some more this week.
  12. jamie

    Some eye candy for you.

  13. jamie

    Some eye candy for you.

    They are actually my bosses cars,I just build them.
  14. jamie

    Some eye candy for you.

  15. jamie

    Some eye candy for you.

    Well the museum is done! Here are some of the cars I have posted build pics on over the years.(Not the Cuda)
  16. jamie

    Hail in WI this afternoon

    Yep,here too.
  17. jamie

    Afraid to ask this question

    Ha ha yeah,plastic mock up block.