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    Fixed My Exhaust Drone

    So if you don’t get the length just right, do you just end up moving the drone around?
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    Throw the BOX!!?

    My petronix in a Halifax hops distributor has been going strong for three years so far.
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    'Bidness' news channel says the majority is now mortgage free.....

    At 2.75% we absolutely will not be paying it off early.
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    Bought an NOS 11” replacement front drum

    I’ve been doing some brake work on my car this week and was again reminded of how weird it is to have the drums slide off the front. Never had one like that before. This is my first CA car, has me thinking that has a lot to do with this.
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    FOR SALE 1969 Road Runner Numbers Matching Project $18K

    Can you post a good clear shot of the window sticker?
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    What is your timing curve?

    Regarding chamber design and advance, a close friend had a Sonny Leonard pro stock engine and it made best power at 25 degrees. I don’t know what they are doing today, this was 20-25 years ago.
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    What is your timing curve?

    I’ve found that engines like a certain amount of advance and pushing it will make them run choppy. My theory is when they get to where they don’t feel free to rev, it’s a silent knock. Maybe not enough to down it right away, or it’s so close to the edge it’s not worth it. The Mopar info with the...
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    What is your timing curve?

    Not sure why anybody would complain about a member asking. It’s traffic for the site, it’s how the site makes money. Don’t like it, don’t get involved in the thread.
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    TTI ??? I want to order exhaust for my roadrunner 440 w factory manifolds

    You can’t tell a x pipe at idle. You hear it in the midrange. Best thing I can think to describe it is that it’s a more whoosh sound and a brief harmonic ring. At WOT the 2-3 cars ive had with with one did it at like 3k or maybe 3500. All big blocks. I much prefer the x pipe. It’s more of a...
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    Help Me Complete My 383 Engine Build

    Todd Marsh can whip you up something that will work. If he can’t do it, you don’t need it. Marsh Performance.
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    69 Super Bee 440 oil dipstick

    Maybe you have an aftermarket stick now? I had the factory one with the hookers on a 383 last time and it bolted up to the motor mount ear like normal and had no issues. Could try and weld a new tab higher in the stick?
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    69 Super Bee 440 oil dipstick

    https://www.jegs.com/i/Milodon/697/22070/10002/-1 Here’s the milodon one. That said, I’ve never needed one on any of the many bb mopars I’ve had with headers. The hooker headers on my last car fit without any problem at all. I can’t remember this detail back further than that. I know I’ve only...
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    Help Me Complete My 383 Engine Build

    I’d run a regular old hyd cam if I couldn’t afford pistons to get the combo right. Why bother?
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    Proper radiator for 440 in '69 charger?

    I’ve seen an edelbrock water pump make a big difference in at least two cars. Some people like flowcooler. I haven’t used that one yet. I’ve also had success with a warm runner by just jamming in a bigger radiator. both cars and trucks.
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    Vapor Return lines

    I’ve never seen anything suggesting automatics didn’t get the separator. They generate a lot more heat and would need one before a stick.
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    1970 383 in 1969 Charger Not Running Right

    I’ve seen and had these cars with a filter right before the pump. Like your saying, there is like 8” there you could splice in a filter. I don’t know if you could when the car had a vapor separator. I’d have to study mine and see. First one I’ve had is my current car.
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    1970 383 in 1969 Charger Not Running Right

    They can be. It’s not a guarantee to get it off. Hence looking to see if it worked. I mentioned the need for a filter for a reason. It won’t be any worse than a sock and no filter.
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    1970 383 in 1969 Charger Not Running Right

    No, you’ve never heard of doing that? Wow.
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    1970 383 in 1969 Charger Not Running Right

    You could just blow the sock off with an air hose. Disconnect the fuel line, use one of those blow nozzles with the rubber tip. Few good shots should blow that thing off. It won’t hurt to have it at the bottom of the tank. You can look in the filler tube with a flashlight and see if it blew...
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    1970 383 in 1969 Charger Not Running Right

    Personally I wouldn’t run a 160. The engine needs to get warm enough to swell the parts fully and not cause wear. They came oem with a 195. I’ve had todays fuels boil with an 195 in due to extra underhood heat. 180 seems to be a happy medium. Even without a shroud, they shouldn’t heat up if...