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  1. Dodge 330

    505 cid intake and carb??? Any suggestions?

    We use a ported Street Dominator and a Demon 850 carb. Drivability is great and has been 11.1 @ 121 n/a @ 3,700 lbs. Once we got it dial in, I haven't had to mess with the carb in over 9 years! I had a stock SD on it and put on a ported unit and it picked up a tenth.
  2. Dodge 330

    Leaf Spring Sliders Install - Experienced Advice Please

    Ron Rhodes has one of the fastest leaf spring cars in the country (albeit in a Camaro). He has stated he has never seen an improvement going from shackles to sliders. Has been 1.03 to the 60 ft.!
  3. Dodge 330

    Tractor Pull Weights on a Race Car?

    A guy was using steel shot bags for weight in the trunk at Ozark Raceway Park. The bag busted and littered the starting line prep with all the shot! They had to cancel the event and scrape the track.
  4. Dodge 330

    Roller cam idea that I'm rolling around in my noggin....

    I ran the MP .528 in a 440 back in the day. I ran .018/.020 lash. I believe it was Dwayne Porter that recommended that?! It sounded like a nicely oiled sewing machine. I'm personally much happier with the hydraulic roller. It sounds and acts like a stock 440 with a mild cam...until you mash the...
  5. Dodge 330

    Roller cam idea that I'm rolling around in my noggin....

    I run a Howards .545 lift, 234/241 @ .050 hydraulic roller in a 505. Absolutely love it! It makes great power but has good street manners, too, and is super quiet. It's been in for over 7 years now and virtually no issues.
  6. Dodge 330

    Hot ignition desired

    We use a factory electronic distributor with a recurve hooked to an analog MSD 6AL box The older non-digital units are stone reliable, have amazing spark and have a rev limiter. It also allows me to retard timing with a separate small box that plugs in. These boxes are all over at swap meets and...
  7. Dodge 330

    Which spark plugs?

    We run the NGK's mainly because they are easy to read with a power adder.
  8. Dodge 330

    Getting ready to Instal 440 disguised as a Max Wedge in 63 B-body

    All the v-8's from '63-'65 use the same K. Only slant 6 and Hemi K's are different.
  9. Dodge 330

    Getting ready to Instal 440 disguised as a Max Wedge in 63 B-body

    This is correct. You might want to get the engine tie down for the drivers side as well as those rubber mounts are prone to tearing.
  10. Dodge 330

    1962 Plymouth Max Wedge Hood Bracing

    I cut my '63 330's hood bracing to mimic the factory cuts. It works fine and the hood is plenty stable.
  11. Dodge 330

    15“ Volvo Steelies

    Here's a pic of M/T SR's in 27". We ran the small "Beetle" tires for a while, but were getting over 130 mph in the 1/4 mile and I was worried about safety with them.
  12. Dodge 330

    15“ Volvo Steelies

    While I hate the flame tread design, the M/T Sportsman S/R is available in 26, 28 and 29" tall tires and work really well. I struggled for a long time to find a radial that filled out the HUGE '63 Dodge front wheel openings on my car. They drive great on the street AND track.
  13. Dodge 330

    Time slips from Duct Tape Drags

    Ignore initial. Install some #925B Mr. Gasket lightweight springs and put it at 34-36° total mechanical advance.
  14. Dodge 330

    Online Dyno?

    I use an app called Virtual Dyno. It's surprisingly accurate! We plugged in all the numbers and on a 250 shot of spray it said we would run a 10.07. Car ran a 10.01! It's always been very close in predicting performance at different levels. A neighbor with a turbo LS Chevelle was skeptical but...
  15. Dodge 330

    Who’s doing what in the off-season.

    Fabbed up the bracket for the solenoids that bolts to the rear china wall. Made one new line and reused the other.
  16. Dodge 330

    post your stock appearing class car

    Thanks, man! I'm a huge fan of your car as well! We have some upgrades in the works for Winter...
  17. Dodge 330

    Who’s doing what in the off-season.

    Nothing much...
  18. Dodge 330

    Interesting 727 info - exploding transmissions - John Cope

    Lots of misinformation out there spread by people who have no idea what they are talking about! Everyone will tell you that you need a billet drum and bolt in sprag and that is absolutely not true!
  19. Dodge 330

    WTB Headlight ring for '63 Dodge.

    Wow, thar's horrible!
  20. Dodge 330

    WTB Headlight ring for '63 Dodge.

    I lost an outer headlight ring off my '63 Dodge 330 this Fall. I would really like a decent, driver quality example. A few small dents is fine but nothing stretched or ripped. Thanks!