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  1. vsandhurst

    Best Looking Car Ever Made

    1969 GTX,,, :)
  2. vsandhurst

    New member from Aledo, Texas

    Welcome from Detroit Lakes MN and good luck on your search!
  3. vsandhurst

    Cool keychains. Post yours here

    My current keychain,, with my original keychain on it from 1973
  4. vsandhurst

    Air Grabber Seal & Hardware Sale

    Good morning, was wondering if you still have any installation kits. Looking for all of the different pieces for the puzzle to install the Air Grabber assembly I was able to purchase from another Mopar enthusiast at a car show for my GTX. I have the decal for it, have the air cleaner base for...
  5. vsandhurst

    Update on my GTX

    Sorry,, forgot to include the wheel sizes 15x7 on the front,, 15x10 on the rear.
  6. vsandhurst

    Update on my GTX

    * P235/60 R15 BF Goodrich TA Radial tires on the front * P295/50 R15 BF Goodrich TA Radial tires on the rear
  7. vsandhurst

    Update on my GTX

    I thought I would update everyone on my journey so far. So,, I have had my GTX for about 17 months (this one,, I did have one 48 years ago for about 2 years). In that time I have been able to get the older paint job to shine really nice and have touched up things where it was needed. I did...
  8. vsandhurst

    Convert mechanical to electronic voltage regulator

    I just ordered a new brush set from NAPA for a 70 or newer alternator. That comes with the piece you need to isolate the brush from the case.
  9. vsandhurst

    Convert mechanical to electronic voltage regulator

    You also have to either change the alternator to a 1970 or newer one or,, change the brush holder on the alternator that goes right to ground.
  10. vsandhurst

    Battery Topper Kit and cap color chart

    After seeing this thread,, I ordered the red cap kit for my car. It does take a long time to get here but I finally got them yesterday.
  11. vsandhurst

    Mopar's in the Park

    https://www.moparsinthepark.com/ Here's one in Stillwater Minnesota the first weekend in June. I have it on my calendar! National Car Show and Swap Meet held at the The Washington County Fairgrounds in Stillwater, MN June 4-6, 2021
  12. vsandhurst

    Hello from a newbie

    Hello,, I moved here in 2015. Nice area!
  13. vsandhurst

    Hello from a newbie

    Welcome from Detroit Lakes Mn!
  14. vsandhurst


    Welcome from Detroit Lakes MN,, Nice car. My older brother had a 65 Dodge Coronet 500 as his first car.
  15. vsandhurst

    Comment by 'vsandhurst' in item 'Found My 69 GTX'

    Another GTX saved! Glad you found one! I know the search can be challenging!
  16. vsandhurst

    Comment by 'vsandhurst' in item 'My 69 GTX'

    I have had it to a shop here and they said it was not. Don't know what the color actually is. I will be working with a paint place to try to match it up to a color over the winter. Update I had the car in the body shop for some rust repair. They used their camera matching system and came up...
  17. vsandhurst

    Back in the Mopar fold

    Thanks everyone. I love the color too. The guy I bought it from didn't have much information on it. He had it in his collection for about 5 years and rarely drove it. It was that color when he bought if from a guy in Nevada. He didn't have any information on that person either. I plan on...