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    We got the guitar thread how about musical storytellers

    "The Storyteller", aka Tom T. Hall. Marty Stuart is another.
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    Until Further Notice

    FedEx franchises all their delivery companies. The drivers do not work directly for FedEx. They used to be the best in the biz.
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    '33 Plymouth Coupe w/foreign parts in Custer City, SD. not mine

    Notice the engine...rare Ford hemi!
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    Dropping engine temps

    Cars today? Every car I've owned back to a 65 SF had a 192° stat in it. The fact remains electric fans work if done correctly. One of the popular mods on Dakotas is the fans from a Ford Taurus, which seem to work well from what I have seen. I know they keep the Taurus cool, I have two of em...
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    Dropping engine temps today all have electric fans and stay cool. Water wetter is useless with a properly functioning stat. If you need WW your cooling system isn't working properly.
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    Removing Heads with Engine still in car

    If it hasn't been done, while there replace the timing chain/gears. Removing the heads is actually quite easy...barring rusted bolts.
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    We have all seen the "Proto-type" 4-door Cuda', but a 4-door Mustang?

    Ford already sells a more door Mustang.
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    Chrysler Turbine car on display in Washington DC!

    Not only does the National Museum of Transportation near St. Louis have a Chrysler turbine, the have a 1959 Ford CT-1100 medium duty cab over tractor with a turbine.
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    For all of You Train Lovers

    BNSF does indeed have locos in the "War Bonnet" paint scheme. Check out
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    For all of You Train Lovers

    That was back when their rails were still good enough to go faster than 5-10 mph.
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    8 track tapes

    And in movie theaters the 70mm film reels were called,"platters". Worked on the same principle. Some theaters had the projectors in a room with windows in the lobby where you could watch them operate.
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    Time for the name game....

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    Lucas oil

    Lucas OIL not STABILIZER. Two different things. That said, I see no reason not to use it.
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    Veterinarian Care and Costs Way Up?

    Just took my granddaughters dog in for a UTI. Exam and antibiotic 10 day script (not amoxicillin) was $73.
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    Anyone watched Car Issues with Tyler Hoover?

    Check out his YT channel. Its a bogus 'Bird.
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    Paul Sorvino has passed

    And a damn good singer.
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    Southern Man In Critical Condition After Being Served Unsweetened Tea

    And married to Darryl Hanna. My daughter in law has tea with her sugar. She grew up in Alabama. No sugar tonight in my coffee...or tea.
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    Happy Birthday Hey-O

    Happy birthday, Ye Old Pharte!
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    Recommended drive shaft for oil and fuel pump?

    Since you have a Melling oil pump why not a Melling shaft/gear? Rock Auto has em and might even come with a new bushing. The one for my 92 318 did.
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    Flying at night

    In thrust we trust.