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  1. Jerry Hall

    Best Radiator Company?

  2. Jerry Hall

    FOR SALE 1966 water valve

    Is it known to be in good working condition?
  3. Jerry Hall

    WTB Chrome Valve Covers Big Block

    Thread 'Direct Connection Big Block Chrome Valve Covers.' Direct Connection Big Block Chrome Valve Covers.
  4. Jerry Hall

    66 Hemi Torqueflite Value?

    I have not checked my white book, but I checked my 727 Hemi transmission when I got it and per the numbers I believe it said 67-68 Hemi. Does 66 have a different part number than a 67? I valued mine at $2500 and that was about 20 years ago.
  5. Jerry Hall

    Newly built 440 with low oil pressure

    In my opinion if the gauges are correct, fix the temperature problem. On a big block you can change the oil pump without going into the engine. You can change to a higher pressure pump, or just change to 20W50 oil and see what happens. I would like to see that temperature gauge at 190 tops...
  6. Jerry Hall

    Wanna see some tire flex action?

    When I was autocrossing, I was always told that a squealing tire was a happy tire.
  7. Jerry Hall

    Subframe connectors 66-67

    I usually don't do more than stock, but I will add them to my 67 Hemi 4-speed Satellite recreation. I will use the ones that tie the floor pans in as well. My opinion it will allow less twist in the whole unibody.
  8. Jerry Hall

    67 GTX, what gap for the points

    I try to get mine as close to .017 as possible.
  9. Jerry Hall

    sway bar bracket..

    66-69 ones are hard to find, other than ones that are incorrect.
  10. Jerry Hall

    Organisol Paint questions.

    Looks like you followed the instructions to a T. I would say we'll done. It used to be tricky to get an even texture on a large surface.
  11. Jerry Hall

    Organisol Paint questions.

    I think you got exactly what you ordered. My recollection from the day is that its a textured paint that was not to be waxed and only washed with cold water and a soft cloth. No soap, car wash or detergents.
  12. Jerry Hall

    Best 14" tires? Cooper, Mastercraft, BFG, General, or???

    I have had multiple failures on BF Goodrich radial TA's from sitting. At least 8 in the last year. Also 2 failures on Good Year Eagles. Agreed they were all older and looked good, but blew out sitting still. I'm very glad I wasn't driving on them. I have switched to Cooper's on everything that...
  13. Jerry Hall

    1968 Roadrunner refresher

    Lighten up, it happens to the best of us, China junk gaskets don't help.
  14. Jerry Hall

    Fusible Link Burnt….why?

    1970 was a round back alternator with dual fields, not a square back alternator. I'm not exactly sure when the square back appeared, but I'm sure about 70. 1969 and back were as you stated single field round back alternators.
  15. Jerry Hall

    Fusible Link Burnt….why?

    Then it stands to reason that's what burned the fusible link. You connected the field wire directly to ground causing a short.
  16. Jerry Hall

    Not for the purists

    Welcome from Alabama, I still can't take it all in. Intense for sure.
  17. Jerry Hall

    Newby from Ohio

    Welcome from Alabama
  18. Jerry Hall

    New member

    Welcome from Alabama
  19. Jerry Hall

    The New Guy

    Welcome from Alabama, beautiful blue.
  20. Jerry Hall

    The first time.

    Welcome from Alabama.