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    Happy Birthday Billccm

    :bday::bday::bday:HAVE A BIG 'UN MAN!
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    1966 Mopar B Body Power Steering Box Interchangeability

    :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Put the modern on mine last fall. NICE!
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    Words our parents said....

    Yep, I remember Carters Little Liver Pills very well. :thumbsup:
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    My 1970 Charger R/T pictures

    Just WOW! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Hello from Bakersfield!

    WELCOME FROM KY. :welcome: :thumbsup:
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    Happy Birthday Moms68

    :bday::bday::bday::drinks::drinks::drinks: HAVE A BIG 'UN MAN!
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    New member introduction

    :welcome: from Ky!
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    New to the Forum 1965 Dodge Coronet 440, 4dr

    :welcome: from Ky. and :thankyou: for joining us!
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    Any sciatica sufferers on here?

    Hell yes I've had it 3 times but my chiro always straightens me up. No meds ever.
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    Maybe we need a new forum just for idiots...:lol:
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    Good Mopar Day!

    I would say so!:thumbsup:
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    Happy Birthday AR67GTX

    :bday:HAVE A BUG UN' MAN!
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    Legendary Interiors

    Is that because so many people are restoring cars or just the way of this funky world nowdays?
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    Spark plugs for a stock 383?

    NGK 5858.
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    Mr. Clark, your daughter is a very good kisser......

    Good luck with that! Those names will definitely hurt someone's feelings. :realcrazy:
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    If you see what I see every day at work, you would never buy a NEW Chrysler product of any kind. Yes, I work at an ASE Certified auto repair business. Just my opinion of course!
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    Nice 64 for sale, not mine

    1 badass car!:moparsmiley:
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    Mr. Clark, your daughter is a very good kisser......

    Master bedrooms matter! :thumbsup:
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    Hello from Kentucky

    :welcome: from another Ky. guy. :thankyou: for joining the rest of us nuts!