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  1. Big Bad Dad

    1961 B100 VAN slant 6 cable linkage

    1961 B100 van? WTF is that? The early vans were A100, and I don't think they came out until 1964?
  2. Big Bad Dad

    U Joint won't fit. 66 Coronet

    The two different size u joints seem to have been used almost randomly in lower performance models. I have seen big joints in 318 cars.
  3. Big Bad Dad

    U Joint won't fit. 66 Coronet

    Bigger as in the cross section dimension? Or in the diameter of the caps?
  4. Big Bad Dad

    FOR SALE 64 Sport Fury Wheel Covers

    I have seven of these hanging on the wall of my garage. $100 for all 7 (plus shipping costs) Location is Fincastle, Va. zip 24090 PM> BigBadDad
  5. Big Bad Dad

    FOR SALE 63 Plymouth dash speaker grille

    From a 63 Savoy. I think it fits 62 and 63 model cars without the padded dash. $50 plus cost of shipping. Located in Fincastle, Va. 24090 zip code Big Bad Dad
  6. Big Bad Dad

    FOR SALE Early B Body Short Arm Rests Blue/Green color

    I think these could be called teal color? I bought these many years ago for a 63 Plymouth project that was never finished. I believe they also fit 1962 cars, but not sure. They are about 9" long. Two are in good shape. Two are more faded, and one is busted open as shown in the pictures. Take all...
  7. Big Bad Dad

    FOR SALE Five-14x5 Steel wheels for 67 and earlier larger dog dish caps

    I have five 14"x5" Mopar steel wheels. They have the larger hub cap circle. A couple are pretty decent, and a couple are pretty rusty. $25 for all five. But need to arrange pick up. Located in Fincastle, Virginia 24090. (Shipping would be probably expensive and time consuming... I am just...
  8. Big Bad Dad

    Steel wheel ID help

    Look to me like C body cop car wheels from mid seventies.
  9. Big Bad Dad

    Rear steel wheel center cover identification help

    These are 14" x 5" wheels from early to mid 60's Mopar. They came off of a 6 cylinder 66 Coronet. They fit the larger dog dish caps.
  10. Big Bad Dad

    8.25 and 9.25 rear drum brakes

    I would say probably. I took an 8-1/4 out of my 78 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup and put an earlier 8-3/4 rear back in it's place. The brakes and backing plate bolted right on. Try looking up the axle flange gaskets for both axles and see if they are the same. Should be a gasket that is flat on top and...
  11. Big Bad Dad

    Car braking

    A brake hose may be detoriated and swelling shut inside. The high pressure when brakes are applied force fluid in, but the hose constricts and slows down or stops the fluid from returning out. I had it happen on a dodge pickup once. Drove me crazy until we figured it out. This may or may not be...
  12. Big Bad Dad

    Front brake conversion

    I just did a conversion with the kit from Doctor Diff that allows keeping the 14" wheels. Yes, you have to change the spindles, but that's not a real big deal. The other kits with bolt on brackets use calipers and stuff that I believe were originally ford Mustang stuff.
  13. Big Bad Dad

    What is the piece at the tail section of the transmission?

    It is a fluid seal with a dust boot over it. A double purpose.
  14. Big Bad Dad

    steering coupler cover install

    Seems like I remember seeing where someone is making a tool for this purpose. But I don't remember who or where I read it... sorry
  15. Big Bad Dad

    Best 14" tires? Cooper, Mastercraft, BFG, General, or???

    Hey guys, both of my Mopars have been mostly setting for the last several years while life kept me busy. Now that I have retired, I want to take them out to drive more often. Both have low mileage tires that look to be perfect, but are 18 and 19 years old. The 67 Coronet currently has 14x6 road...
  16. Big Bad Dad

    Disc Conversion Rotors Interfere w/ Old Original Magnum 500s... Redneck Engineering Required

    My kit from Doctor Diff is different than the Wilwood you guys are asking about. Look at the last pic in my original posting of this thread. That is my front wheel with the center spinner cap left off. There is plenty of room for the Magnum center cap. I just left them off until I get the front...
  17. Big Bad Dad

    Disc Conversion Rotors Interfere w/ Old Original Magnum 500s... Redneck Engineering Required

    No, the dust caps were not a problem. I just have the center caps off for now until after I get the front end alignment. I don't know if they may have to attach their equipment to the wheels, and figure the spinner caps would be in the way.
  18. Big Bad Dad

    Disc Conversion Rotors Interfere w/ Old Original Magnum 500s... Redneck Engineering Required

    I converted my 64 Fury to front disc brakes using the kit from Doctor Diff that allows retaining 14" wheels. I have old Magnum 500s with the 3 prong center cap, and like the look on my car. Had a problem when installing the front wheels. The hub of the new rotor is not tapered down, and has a...
  19. Big Bad Dad

    push button trans

    Big block trans is different than one from a 318 poly. (Bell housing area)