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  1. dvw

    Weight transfer

    If you auto cross I'm assuming stiff torsion bars and a sway bar. The exact opposite is needed for drag racing. In your case raising the front might help. But probably very little. 4 speed and stock suspension? Bias ply slicks would be the biggest single step you could make.. Doug
  2. dvw

    727 MVB trans slipping in first

    DO NOT let off the gas and add throttle driving a rev manual valve body that coasts when you release the throttle. You are hitting the the low roller clutch. Disaster will follow. Best advise is use 1st only to accelerate. Never coast. Shift to 2nd if slowing down. Use 1st only from a dead stop...
  3. dvw

    66 Hemi Torqueflite Value?

    In my opinion the only real worth is the case for a high dollar resto. No one knows what's inside. There are better internals available than the stock Hemi stuff. That being said someone may want the "real deal". But I'll bet the market is very slim. Doug
  4. dvw

    LemonWedge 470 build thread

    Easy to mock up. #1 and #5 mains with the upper #3 shell in the block. Upper shell in the rod, no spirolox. Just pin, piston, rod and rod bearing. Bolt the crank in using #1 and #5. Roll it to the close to TDC #1. Thread a long fine thread bolt thru the crank flex plate face hole lightly against...
  5. dvw

    Indy. We were pretty good, got beat when we good, then I was bad

    Indy started with thoughts of great weather and low ET's. Thursday head winds were up to 15mph. We run 9.11, 9.10 not great. On to Friday we have to declare index with-in 30 minutes of Q1. Car spins with a 1.40 60ft, we run 9.13. Do we go back to 9.25? nah we'll stay on 9.0. Make a rear shock...
  6. dvw

    Transmission Won’t shift into park after engine stopped while driving.

    Before you do anything else. Disconnect the linkage at the trans itself. Move the arm attached to the trans into the park position. Does it lock in park? Yes? then its a linkage issue. (which I highly suspect since you also have a no crank issue). No? pull the pan. Is the rod going into the tail...
  7. dvw

    572 World Aluminum close to Dyno

    Are those your tracks from the left rear tire? I watched in 1/8 speed but couldn't tell. Doug
  8. dvw

    Milan test tonight with the back.up converter

    Sunday turned out pretty well. Car is definitely easier to cut a light with. Started rd 1 with a .013 9.079 on a 9.03 dial. Tightened the stripe to .005. Rd 2 .029 9.086 on a 9.05. tightened the stripe to .008. Rd 3 laid back a little knowing my opponent. .046 9.114 on a 9.02 dial. Stripe a...
  9. dvw

    The first one of these.

    1st rd last night. Doug
  10. dvw

    Milan test tonight with the back.up converter

    I run brown lens sunglasses. Regular glasses at night. Good 1/8 mile bracket last night. 1st rd .000, That spooked me. .060 2nd rd. .016 3rd rd. .004 4th rd. Spooked again .068. That ended my night at the last 6 cars. 1/4 mile today in Stock S/S. Doug
  11. dvw

    Milan test tonight with the back.up converter

    Got out tonight to test with the back up converter. Maybe the converter that broke 2 weeks ago had been wounded earlier. Way easier to cut a light now. .010, -.009, -.002. Then lowered air pressure to slow R/T. .033. missed the tree -.025, then .017. Car ran 9.04. Removed the 40lb weight bar...
  12. dvw

    At a loss with my Drivetrain Vibration

    Being that the 65 cars were built with a slip yoke from the factory. Also the engine location is the same up to 1970. What leads you to believe this? I've chased a 4 speed vibration as well. Down to the last two items. A; the output shaft of the trans is slightly bent from a previous failure. B...
  13. dvw

    Moving away from stock body

    Who cares if it's a "clone"? Build what you like. Doug
  14. dvw

    LemonWedge 470 build thread

    Not sure on TF heads. But with -1s you can slide an Indy valley pan out with the heads still in place. Slide it back and drop it into the valley. The worst part is breaking the RTV loose at the china walls. I tapped the center mounting holes in the end of the plate to 3/8x24. Then you can screw...
  15. dvw

    572 World Aluminum close to Dyno

    Limiters limit fore/aft movement when using a motor plate. Motor plates don't have great fore aft strength. The trans mount alone can stress the tail shaft housing. Mine has struts from the trans crossmember to the trans case. A strut from the boss on the lower front right side of the block to...
  16. dvw

    Re-Rebuilding the 440-493 in a 1970 Charger

    Yes brain dead. The post has been edited. You won't know if you need narrowed bearings unless the bearing shell is placed in the cap. The picture shown illustrates how a HD (narrowed) bearing follows the chamfer. Hold the cap/bearing against the crank chamfer snug. Does the shell clear the crank...
  17. dvw

    Re-Rebuilding the 440-493 in a 1970 Charger

    Tang grooves on the cap and rod face each other. Some rod bearings are made with the tangs offset differently. They will be marked U & L. The bearing shells may not align top to bottom. As long as the bearing doesn’t overhang into the chamfer of the rod you’re ok. The chamfered side of the rods...
  18. dvw

    WTB 65 BB 727 tail shaft housing or transmission core

    65 tail shaft housings are one year only. I’d weld it. Doug
  19. dvw

    Single vs dual pattern cam ....

    The more duration you run the wider the LCA to maintain a given amount of overlap. Add 30 degrees on the intake and exhaust durations with the same LCA. Think about what that does to overlap. Doug
  20. dvw

    Single vs dual pattern cam ....

    I've run 5600 in my street car. As for split pattern. I see very little race stuff that isn't split. My 64 is 285/292@112LCA. Must have poor heads. Its only been 1.24/8.98@150/3340lbs. Doug