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  1. 65Fury440

    What is your favorite Ignition setup

    Still am totally happy with my Progression distributor. Thank for the update Bio!
  2. 65Fury440

    Biomedtechguy 572 Bill Mitchell aluminum RB block build thread and other stuff...

    Is cylinder distortion with an aluminum block using stock motor mounts VS a plate an issue?
  3. 65Fury440

    Tampa, FL area here.

    Welcome from Spring Hill!
  4. 65Fury440

    Assassin Bars install, New Smith Perch for Assassin bars & Pinion angle

    Wish I had used the new perches when I did my bars. Not needed but nice touch.
  5. 65Fury440

    Progression Ignition Distributor

    It's hard to put a quantity on how much better the Progression system is, but, it's noticeable. Runs smoother all over, easier starts, the only disadvantage is, you have to have a hot battery. I flooded the engine once with a leaky needle/seat, once it drops much past maybe 11.5-11 volts, it's...
  6. 65Fury440

    Opinions on 11:1 compression on 93 octane

    I run the Source 528 RB kit, (520ci @ .030 over) And TF 240 heads ported to MW. Originally was running a Mp distributor, 36 all in by 2000, 20 initial. Cr came to 10.1. Ran non eth 90 octane, would ping on really hot days if you lugged the engine, when engine temp got into the 190s. I did a...
  7. 65Fury440

    Dual Disc clutch owners, any problems shifting over 5,500 RPMs?

    I'm with you on needing car time. I'll just go drive mine when I want some stress relief. It bothers me when it's not together running. As far as no lift shifts, I don't have the cajones to do it. Will the 855 take it? Will the tires break loose? Will it throw rods out the bottom? It's not...
  8. 65Fury440

    Dual Disc clutch owners, any problems shifting over 5,500 RPMs?

    I have an A855 trans and the same clutch setup, shift 6800-7000 depending on if tires slip at all in 1st and 2nd. Powershifting might be a whole different story though.
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    Wait!!! We aren't falling for this scam. Someone is obviously trying to steal Bob's identity. I heard Bob is a black belt, he's gonna find you and take care of business! @cbodybob...come unleash your vengeance!
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    Can a Clutch Car be Competitive in Bracket?

    It really is a struggle to get the 1-2 shift done without hitting the rev limiter this year with the new engine. It comes fast and hard. Throw a little tire slip in, and every shift time changes. We went to our local 1/8 miles to try getting the rear bars and shocks dialed in on the new tires...
  11. 65Fury440

    Do you run a air/fuel ratio meter in your carbed car....

    I run a PLX. The unusual thing is, when I get up in the high 13's cruising. the engine wants to surge. It seems to run happiest in the low 13s, high 12s. My plugs look fine, so that's where it stays.
  12. 65Fury440

    Sure-Trac trailers

    Surprisingly, a lot of trailers aren't painted underneath. Nothing, just bare metal to rust at will. If you plan on keeping a trailer a long time in the rust belt, be aware.
  13. 65Fury440

    GPS Tracker, anybody install in there cars?

    The airtags would be useless as a vehicle locating device in most cases in my area. The device has to be within bluetooth range of another device. Maybe in a metropolitan area it would give you a last location seen. Once inside a large lot or building, your stuff is still gone.
  14. 65Fury440

    GPS Tracker, anybody install in there cars?

    I never need the GPS for more than a couple days while traveling. I did buy the extended life battery, which is an add on waterproof box with a big battery and high load magnet. It will last for 4 or more months in stationary mode. The Progression Ignition distributor has a kill feature, really...
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    GPS Tracker, anybody install in there cars?

    I use this one on all my important stuff, car trailer, truck, cars when not locked up in my yard. Spark Nano 7 Micro GPS Tracking Device ( Has a magnet, really small, can stick about anywhere. I also use the Progression Ignition security lock on the Plymouth when I'm...
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    Durability in low deck strokers

    I followed your motor thread. The whole thing has been a lot of suck for you, that's a shame. Do you know what your cranking PSI is? Those heads flow good low to moderate lift, an 850 should be more responsive down low/mid than a 4500. You'd think the intake would be helpful in the low to mid...
  17. 65Fury440

    Oil high pressure injection in a block possible?

    I'm pretty sure it has Japanese origins. I'd think it means "multiple lubricating streams" or something like that. Google probably knows.
  18. 65Fury440

    Oil high pressure injection in a block possible?

    Wait isn't there already an Accusump? Yea there is. Have to maybe go with something different. BukkakeLube might be descriptive?
  19. 65Fury440

    440 Source Repro 6qt Oil Pans

    FWIW on my 65 Sea body I'm using this Milodon 7 qt Milodon 30930: Big Block Chrysler Oil Pan 383 / 426 / 440 - JEGS High Performance
  20. 65Fury440

    Solid Rollers or Flat Tappet for street and strip. Looking for LONGEVITY and low maintenance!

    Good job! Solid info like this is helpful to us all!