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  1. 440 4 speed

    Name that hubcap

    Bragging rights!
  2. 440 4 speed

    Do not buy

    I think that is a very minuscule % and possibly recent arrivals.
  3. 440 4 speed

    Do not buy

    Some people in Canada write day/month/year. depends on age group and sometimes occupation.
  4. 440 4 speed

    My Wife and I (30 yr olds) bought our first Mopar!!

    Sure looks nice. Hopefully you won’t get jealous when people walk right past your ride to see her car.he he.
  5. 440 4 speed

    Need new Brake Rotors for 67 Charger with original Bendix Calipers- any suggestions?

    Apparently Year One had them. Might try a wanted ad.
  6. 440 4 speed

    Mean Green the Time Machine

    If you are running 3:23’s, if I remember correctly the road test guys back then, ran about the same number’s. I do have those magazines in my archives. I think that is an LL1 paint you have,beautiful colour. Our 66 Charger was a LL1, which went California in 2004. 383 auto, lots of miles ran...
  7. 440 4 speed

    Had it with Richmond gears in my 67

    Would a NOS Mopar 3:91 crown and pinion be acceptable?
  8. 440 4 speed

    Dad's 69RR Driver Project(I'm doing the work)

    Good for you, sure your father is beaming down on you!
  9. 440 4 speed

    My kingdom for an affordable, yet comfortable (cozy??) office chair for a bigger fella!

    In my years of working, i had quite a few males having sciatica problems from siting long spells with their wallet in there back pocket, also problem’s occurred with them changing posture in different vehicles. With some taking the wallet out it helped immensely. Some had a leg length...
  10. 440 4 speed

    66-69 4 piston brake caliper rebuild questions...

    Try Autoline in Winnipeg , they only do work for Parts places and possibly businesses. They rebuild some a lot of things. Might have to get one of our parts stores to send my callipers away. Autoline has answered my questions. They don’t have seal kits, but have bins of seals for lots of...
  11. 440 4 speed

    67 GTX, what gap for the points

    A long long time ago in the fifties and maybe earlier, my father would always carry a thin worn silver dime. Said set the points to that and you will get home. Actually worked for me once on my 58 Delray which was a step below the Biscayne, one year only. 6cyl did get 100mph until valve float...
  12. 440 4 speed

    Not mine 1967 Dodge Charger kijiji ad 1634058588

    I have no idea what I have done wrong. I was only trying to help. Don’t know what forum it went to. Very sorry that I broke the rules.
  13. 440 4 speed

    Not mine 1967 Dodge Charger kijiji ad 1634058588

    It has 66 seat covers.
  14. 440 4 speed

    Until Further Notice

    We have had very satisfactory service receiving goods via USPS.
  15. 440 4 speed

    Why it seems just about every Charger for sale has fresh thick undercoating?

    Our car was factory ordered with undercoating. Stripped it all off, because some of it had flaked off through the years. Also wanted more sound dreading material.
  16. 440 4 speed

    Most comfortable classic to travel cross country.

    That’s maybe a good thing to happen when it did, even though disappointing.
  17. 440 4 speed

    Not mine 1967 Dodge Charger kijiji ad 1634058588

    This car is not mine. Asking 19,000.00 Canadian. Located Swift Current Saskatchewan, S9H4G5. There are others on Dodge Classic cars Saskatoon. Hardly any problems exporting to the US.
  18. 440 4 speed

    Used car advice

    I really have to disagree! It depends where you live. Our 2006 4Runner does not have body rust. It has 146000 miles. We are in a similar situation to Dakota’s as far as humidity. Parts of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes are similar to The East side of the US. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and...
  19. 440 4 speed

    Most comfortable classic to travel cross country.

    Have a very good time.