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    Aztec Gold 73 Charger

    Post 31 is a Plymouth "Sundance" interior seat.
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    Our barn cat, do you have one?

    Well, barn cat is in the house for the hurricane. He actually looks just like those two posted above! He's wallowing around and purring. Met three of the other cats with only one hiss, and that was our "stinker" cat. No sign of mom again. I battened down the garage doors but she can get in...
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    Interior interrogation!

    I think it depends on the car. The PUI 66 Satellite covers were pretty decent. I've not seen the 73/74 Charger.
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    Best "Rear End" thread (should we include legs?)

    Seen this "car gurus" ad?
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    Our barn cat, do you have one?

    We had a mother and kitten traipse through the back yard a few times over the last 3 weeks or so. They would go into the garage and have a mouse catching lesson. We saw the kitten catch several. As of 3 days ago, we haven't seen the mother, but the kitten is still there. It would be odd if...
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    *unofficial what are you listening to?* thread

    My favorite Thorogood song-
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    Let's See Your Late B-Body

    I had a girlfriend who could have passed for her, and the '86 version of that car!
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    Almost over? Or is it?

    That last line quoted seems to your vehicle is still subject to safety inspection.
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    Where did you and your car go today

    Me too, but all I got are 318 cars an handful of used shop equipment. Still do it, though.
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    Almost over? Or is it?

    Those repair sections generally are made to sit on top of/around the frame. IE- slightly larger. Not "sectioning", but overlapping. Makes it easier to weld.
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    Almost over? Or is it?

    That's the brand name of frame repair sections. I'd google- "saf t cap and the year and model of your truck" and see what comes up.
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    Front bumper bolt question

    Again too busy with storm prep. I want to say they have a 3/4" head. Mine look longer than those posted above. ...but this is all from memory.
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    Almost over? Or is it?

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    You reply to- "Is item still for sale?"
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    What I find frustrating is people that won't communicate even after I write things that should absolutely prove I'm not a bot, a scam or out of country. What part of "I've been a Mopar guy for over 35 years and I'd like to come look at your Road Runner, does it have a fender tag?" sounds like a...
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    It's amazing how many people just don't get that. ...and a 'bot scam doesn't care what "instructions" you give, they will still ask if "the item' is still available.
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    WTB 71 Road Runner (Satellite) Trunk Lid.

    If you're considering coming to Don Garlits, I have a 71 with rust just starting under the lip. Can be saved. Shipping however.....
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    1973 Dodge Charger SE needs a little TLC

    I haven't seen too many 73 or later late model Hemi swaps. I say go for it.
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    Most Magazine Covers Record Girl

    No revealing pics?