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    Eastwood Contour SCT tool

    Please, if you come across some of these reasonably priced (Amazon or ??) please post. Thanks
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    Ebay - Sex sells - Clever seller and images

    Recently, I've been buying old(er) US made tools(pliers, cutters, cutters, etc..) instead of purchasing offshore. I came across this seller and interesting images of items - quite interesting - enjoy
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    Eastwood Contour SCT tool

    Thanks for above comments. I was getting ready to post the identical question(s) and came across this I see a few Chinese imitations and am surprised other vendors (Milwaukee, Makita etc) have not got into the business. I agree regarding current cost for the machine and drums - would have...
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    Parts Cheaper on Ebay???

    Just an observation on my part........ Appears some (many?) FEBO FABO and FBBO members sell their wares concurrently here and on Ebay, which is great, no problem and encouraged! The rub comes in when some of these folks sometimes simultaneously sell their wares far CHEAPER on Ebay than to...
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    We have this miracle of evolution show up every year.

    A friend in Kansas would capture them in garage by placing a bright light in front of the inlet of his shop vac while on..... clever
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    Best "Rear End" thread (should we include legs?)

    #227 Looks like her face was pasted on............
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    Bought a 62 Dodge Dart 440 Station Wagon

    I can't say I've ever seen a wagon version of a 62. My uncle had a 62 Polara You have one cool wagon!!
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    Best "Rear End" thread (should we include legs?)

    #256 As the gals used to say "you wished"!!!!!!
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    Correct Fusible Link Size and Color 1970 Challenger?

    Thanks, I was able to locate a fusible link (black not dark mopar blue) on Ebay which was perfect as a spare and much cheaper. Interchange part numbers : Dorman 85627 Pico 5556A Pico 5556P Pico 5556PT Belden 784694 81036 Grote 84-1019 Calterm 8407 Standard Motor Products ET34 Perfect Circle 81036
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    Correct Fusible Link Size and Color 1970 Challenger?

    Thank both of you very much! Exactly what I was looking for
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    Correct Fusible Link Size and Color 1970 Challenger?

    Hello, Posted this on FEBO and thought I query the FBBO gang... My 70 challenger has an original dark blue or black Fusible link. Does anyone know what the color and size this link is? I suspect it's either 16 or 18 Gauge. I'm considering purchasing a spare Many thanks
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    MECUM predicts $1 Million + for Hemi Daytona at INDY

    Are Mecum and Motor Trend now in the business of "hyping" vehicles? "
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    Which muscle car is ugly?

    Butt ugly rear and unbelievable poor engine (180hp?)
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    XM Radio, Sirius

    I quit Sirius because of this! I'm won't tolerate being grilled to negotiate a fee. Feels like the "old days" when being grilled to purchase a time share. WON"T DO IT!!!
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    FOR SALE Silver Streak Camper not mine

    Cool! Didn't know that these were made back in the early 50's
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    Best "Rear End" thread (should we include legs?)

    Ohhhhhhhhh Mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    OOPS! Don't park a tractor trailer on the top of a parking garage...

    Surprised that this hadn't previous occurred(maybe has)...