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    Plastic grill repair

    most body shops have these to repair plastic bumpers, might be able to get them to melt a couple to hold it together then epoxy or melted plastic. I thought this could be done by heating paper clips or something.
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    The not a meme meme thread

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    Has anyone used a simplified horn circuit for greater reliability?

    Makes you wonder why they correctly used a relay for the horn thats only on for a few seconds at a time, but did not use relays for the headlights that can be on for hours at a time.
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    Woodward Avenue

    Was there last night till 9 and just got back at 6.30 today. Lots of cool cars! Saturday is crazy would never go with the old car. Leaving tomorrow morning for west coast of Michigan then on to Chicago for a long weekend... we have a 16 year old boy from Italy here and we are showing him around.
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    Challenger body in white

    Build your own DIY Dodge Challenger muscle car revealed for $7,995
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    My '70 Road Runner

    What a cool car..... Welcome
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    Mechanical Fuel Pump 101

    Having said that.... mine was a comp cams rod that failed 1 mile from my house. about 1000 miles or so.. Bought three old stock mopar rods, they where expensive but going on 5 to 7 g in miles and no probs....
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    Mechanical Fuel Pump 101

    Use a box end wrench, with some leverage it will come out
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    Fuel pump pushrods-Again

    Years back I had a comp cams pushrod fail a few blocks from home, probably 1000 miles on it! Had a hard time getting it out but a box end wrench and a pry bar made it easy. Since then I was able to buy three old stock mopar replacements, installed one and 15 years later still no problem. There...
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    My new pup Bruno digging the sun on a hot day....
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    Ever have a funnel tip over when your pouring in some oil?

    Easy, hold funnel with one hand pour with other.
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    Passon 4 speed with overdrive gear

    I have the conversion for the original case, really nice, no more creeper gear, I very often took off from second gear before. Also went to a 28 inch tire from 26, I'm sure I slowed down the car a bit but I dont care, it still moves really well and drives more like a normal car.......
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    After almost three years without a dog, I present my new pup.... His name is Bruno and he is a Husky mix of some sort, and about five months old. Already had him in a fairly crowded environment and he was so kind to the littlest kids all the way to biker dudes.
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    replacing broken Craftsman

    Ahe the old days, bought a top box craftsman at a garage sale for 20 bucks and tools where rusted ....? went to sears and they replacd every thing including the top box itself.? I remember a total of $200 or more....... Those where the days.....
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    For all of You Train Lovers

    My 70 gtx was there all weekend, in the motor muster. what a great time with all my buds. I will post pics and vids of all that in the appropriate area. If anyone hasn't visited the Henry Ford museum and Greenfield Village It is a must do for anyone who is mechanically inclined, allot of the...
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    For all of You Train Lovers

    Hope this works, Greenfield village last weekend at the motor muster
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    Ok, going around ? What was it? Did they say? I'm italian so cane corso is one of my faves.... and he is just freakin beutiful....
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    Glad he recovered, thats pretty scary for sure. Did they know what he had? He's young and strong obviously... but I have never heard of anything like this. Especially with a strong guy like him.
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    What car were you driving the first time you clocked 100 mph or more?

    69 torino Gt 390 4 speed 3.91 gears, my first car..... 1977 me and my best bud with a 69 chevelle 396 ss auto hit over 125 mph on m5... For anyone familiar with the area.... m5 ....... We used to dead stop on the freeway under the drake road bridge heading east had a car out front that would...
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    It's Tail Light Tuesday Whatchya Got?

    In the park