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  1. 65hemi

    Emergency brake cable

    On my 65 Belvedere 1, the cable goes through the trans crossmember on the drivers side. A cable then goes on each side of the car to the rear. No interference with the frame connectors. However the cables do contact the 3” exhaust pipes. Not a big deal for me. The picture gives you an idea of...
  2. 65hemi

    65 Belvedere column shift linkage

    I used a 66 column and associated hardware to maintain the column shift for a later 727.
  3. 65hemi

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  4. 65hemi

    Moving away from stock body

    It’s a hot rod not a clone. Don’t worry about it.
  5. 65hemi

    1965 belv dash gauge bezel screws ?

    Maybe these pics help. I used screws from an interior screw kit.
  6. 65hemi

    Motor Monday ?

  7. 65hemi

    Motor Monday ?

  8. 65hemi

    Where did you and your car go today

    Me and some buddies went to an all makes car show today.
  9. 65hemi

    Finally joined the Mopar club.

    Hello from Winnipeg
  10. 65hemi

    Where did you and your car go today

    Went to our club’s annual all mopar Labour Day show.
  11. 65hemi

    Need some valve lashing help.

    I use a bump switch or remote starter. Like this:
  12. 65hemi

    Need some valve lashing help.

    I use the eoic method. Per Comp Cams, When the exhaust valve just begins to open on the number 1 cylinder, adjust the number 1 intake valve. Loosen the adjusting nut slightly until lash can be felt in the rocker arm. While spinning the pushrod with your fingers tighten the adjusting nut—when a...
  13. 65hemi

    Manual brakes are scary

    I had a similar issue. Switched to 15/16” mc and braking was way better.
  14. 65hemi

    Blown tranny now. Honestly, what next?

    Talk to Rick in Oakbank. Works out of his own shop. Your engine builder has Rick’s contact info.
  15. 65hemi

    1965: Side Mirror mounted to door frame?

    I’ve looked at the hot rod peep mirrors for my 65 Belvedere. On my car, there is not enough meat on the door frame for the mirror clamp to hold on to.
  16. 65hemi

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  17. 65hemi

    Where did you and your car go today

    Took the Belvedere to an all makes car show and left with Best Modified award.
  18. 65hemi

    Just starting my Mopar journey ...

    Hello from Winnipeg