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    Who's the hottest actress right now, in your opinion

    Blake Lively is a a popular choice in my minds ol' rolodex.
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    The world has lost its mind

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    1973 Charger Hemi Swap

    I recommend a custom Strange Driveshaft. If you get from Summit its free delivery (drop shipped from Strange). Go to the Strange Engineering website and get the form for you to fill out your custom length. I wouldn't hesitate on replacing the driveshaft. The torque difference between...
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    Cooling system upgrade options

    Imo I think you are lucky your other 2 cars are getting those lower temps. Both my mopars run 200-220 like your 66. And I have shrouds on both. From my understanding these temps are normal operating temps. It'll be interesting to hear other peoples opinions on this.
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    Holley 950 carb with no choke slow to warm up

    That's a big carb. Holley 750 with electric choke. Cheap and they work well.
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    Engine swap ideas

    You'd need to put allot of money into a 318 to get 400hp. A stock 440 doesn't even produce 400hp. Coil overs are a bad idea imo. Tortion bars are far more a comfortable ride than coil overs. You engine needs all depends on your budget. You start getting into big dollars when you want...
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    Something you Remember... but Why ?

    I can still remember the first time I got laid. Vividly. Got fired for it too. I guess my boss didn't like me boning his babysitter.
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    Paint or powder coat old Offy tunnel ram

    I had my intake powder coated the same aluminum color. Looks great and cleans up easily.
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    prayers for the families of the victims

    Yes and yes. Most are illegal guns. Yet our present government, in all its wisdom, want to take away legally obtained guns. Its all a ruse to excite the Liberal base. They think if you take legal guns away gun crime will disappear. So stupid.
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    prayers for the families of the victims

    Strict gun laws have nothing to do with the illegal guns that do the majority of the gun related crimes. Except that strict gun laws have lots to do with innocent people protecting themselves. In the nearby Indian reserve most people there have 'Hill' as a last name. Most are not related, so...
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    Automotive paint in Niagara Falls/Buffalo area ??

    I suggest getting a hold of Pete from Pete's Garage. He has a Youtube channel and lives in Buffalo. He seems to be well connected and good info. Email is He also advertises his phone number on his videos.
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    Never mind…I found it

    I forgot what I was looking for!
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    why does 727 leak fluid without drive shaft?

    Transmission tail shaft seal is leaking.
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    I regret when I eat too much. Other then that I regret buying a pair of Sea-Doo's in 2011. It was fun for a couple years then not.
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    dam critters

    I've use to have a huge mouse and rat problem in my barn. I made a mixture of equal parts of sugar, flour and baking soda and put that mixture on a few tin plates around the barn. I've been rodent free since then.
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    Stock Oil pan and pressure?

    IMO I wouldn't be comfortable overfilling the oil. If your crank is spinning in the oil then you'll have other problems. I would try the recommended baffle or an easier way is buy the windage tray with the gasket. That has a built in baffle. My engine rebuilder told me to use 10w30...
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    Ok serious question for the crowd.

    I always change the emblems to match the engine. Save the originals to add to the sale to the new owner.
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    Engine build specs?

    Others may chime in on the actual octane requirements because I followed the advice of my engine builder and speed shop. All's I know is aluminum heads can take higher compression with street gas. I went with aluminum rods because of the same recommendations as a replacement. Mind you I...