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  1. Runcharger

    Dust trail or no dust trail.

    Pretty much a must have.
  2. Runcharger

    Warranty Replacement Hemi Blocks

    A spun bearing would be repaired, broken casting=replacement.
  3. Runcharger

    426 Hemi install?? Top or Bottom?

    Either or. I don't understand the foaming about putting them in from the bottom. It's easier to do up the header bolts when doing it on the K-member, that's about it. If you're renewing the front suspension anyway I guess from the bottom works. If you're not I would drop it in I think. Either...
  4. Runcharger

    I doubled my money on that Z28

    I think those second generation Camaros and Trans Ams are a good place to make money these days. You can still find them cheap if you look hard enough and the market has really came up on them for resale. They started up about 3 or 4 years ago for the late 70's ones that no one wanted previously.
  5. Runcharger

    New B body owner

    Probably needs a proper tuneup. The 67 Fairlane with a 390 was considered a musclecar, these GTX's would bury them, outhandle them and outstop them. Good looking car. Welcome! Looks like you have a great collection.
  6. Runcharger

    Brake Testing at DMV on a Brake Machine

    So: They'll be a pass for a week anyway until they wear a touch and go out of adjustment, sheesh.
  7. Runcharger

    A bird in the hurricane

    Oooh: I don't like seeing a Daytona boogered up. They'll be fixed.
  8. Runcharger

    Name that hubcap

    Dad's 68 Fury III had those as well. Must have been available all across the line.
  9. Runcharger

    Still trying to find the right one!

    There's lots of things to undo. I don't think it's possible to know if it's worth it without looking at it in person (take a fridge magnet to see where it sticks). It would all hinge on body condition I think. I would assume all the running gear needs rebuilding but if the body is really clean...
  10. Runcharger

    66 revival

    Need more photos. This may be the most perfect 6-7 Charger I've seen! Those wheels and tires are killer.
  11. Runcharger

    Almost over? Or is it?

    Kind of like a Toyota.
  12. Runcharger

    Newly built 440 with low oil pressure

    Yep: If some Chevy guy crossdrilled the crank along with big bearing clearances a HV pump can pump all the oil up top at high RPM using a small pan.
  13. Runcharger

    Still trying to find the right one!

    I was hoping for more under the hood. Price is a bit high I think, there are going to be hidden issues. It looks like it's been scabbed together. Removing the rollbar might be the least of the issues. If you know of a parts car near you it would help the cause a lot.
  14. Runcharger

    After you set the fuel regulator to correct psi do you need to redo the air/fuel mixture?

    I would set it to 5. Float level shouldn't change, set it to factory specs. Set idle mixture after that. Could be a timing issue, does the car have a stock camshaft? Did this situation just develop after switching carbs? You might try watching the timing with a light while someone holds the...
  15. Runcharger

    Best 14" tires? Cooper, Mastercraft, BFG, General, or???

    I've had a few failures with Radial T/A's. Better luck with Coopers.
  16. Runcharger

    Most comfortable classic to travel cross country.

    1971-2 Imperial gets my vote for comfort, second choice would be a 300 or NY. After that it would be a 71-2 B-body especially if you want a car that can somewhat handle as well.
  17. Runcharger

    Reasons why newer cars suck a$$...

    I drive a 2020 Chebby at work and I don't like it much. Best, most ironic (or moronic) feature is a message that frequently comes up on the screen. (Warning, taking your eyes off the road is dangerous) or something like that. So you have to take your eyes off the road to read the stupid friggen...
  18. Runcharger

    Only in Canada

    Tons of them here. A friend of mine had a bunch of wings in Fairview Ab. The Dairy farmer south of him had a few as well. Alberta had the oil patch and B.C. had timber in those days and there were tons of nice cars sold new here.
  19. Runcharger

    Whelp time a for a clutch and need a tad bit of guidance

    Yup, not enough clutch there, you must have taken it easy on it.