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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    No pics, but I took my pastor and his 12 year-old son on a youth duck hunt. Poor kid went 0-5. One that was swimming had armor, 3 shots and every BB went around it. It was just exciting to make a kid happy today and get one interested in something besides video games.

    Any cigar smokers on here?

    5 Vegas Series A, animal(perfecto). Perdomo Champagne, robusto

    Something you Remember... but Why ?

    I was cutting down a tree, my brother was stacking wood in the truck bed, tree twisted and dropped across the bed. I thought I killed him, he poped up through the branches and yelled "That was awesome!" I remember his face, felt relieved, then I turn and see my dad two inches away. Then I...

    Lewis Gun

    8888 is my buddies twin, my buddy has a ton of oddball guns and is even weirder. He liked my Bubba SKS, so he bought one with a bayonet, when we got to his house he ran out of the woods wearing a coolie and smok dressed like Charlie screaming "Diddi mou!" Or something. Dude is hilarious

    Stop in for a drink.

    I'm on my way ill be there in 38.7 hrs. Lol. I'm a monkeyshoulder fan even though it's a blend.

    Who hates SNOW ?

    I loved Saturday morning paper delivery after a big powdery snow. 5AM was peaceful, felt like I had the whole neighborhood to myself. Almanac is calling for more snow this year. Can't wait to get my sled out and take my daughter for a cruise.

    Galvanized Paint

    I'd put purple power in a pump sprayer then pressure wash. Vinegar will help with rust. Being forward shouldn't matter, just will have to land a bit deeper. Don't buy bunks. Get treated 2x6 or 4s, outdoor carpet remnets and outdoor carpet glue, staple the bottom(paslode). Mine have lasted over...

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Trying to organize. Since I've been finishing the basement the garage has become embarrassingly messy. After this I can move to the other half.

    Fuel pressre drops to near zero

    Fuel pressure drops when motor hot.
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    I lost my best friend this morning

    Prayers to you. Remember the book says life is like a vapor or a mist and is gone, but heaven is eternity.
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    Jury imposes $1.7 billion verdict, largest in state history, against Ford

    During these months my Jeep doesn't have a roof. When it does its held in place by 8 small bolts finger tight and 6 latches. Ther is a "cage" but it's marginal. People will sue for anything these days to retire.
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    I cut open my air compressor... Take a look!

    Skidmarks! Mine whips around, so I have skid marks allover.
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    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Somehow nailed this outside corner trim, too bad it'll be hidden behind a shower curtain. All my other stained trim isn't even close lol
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    I cut open my air compressor... Take a look!

    I use this, I'm guessing most of the water is in the line vs the tank and it's easy to drain. Powermate Vx 072-0023RP Extended Tank Drain Assembly
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    They're building convertible challengers now

    The guy I purchased my car from sold it to fund his 70 Bird clone that was a Vert. He found a wrecked one, nose and wing were good so he has those on it.
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    dam critters

    Coulda been this guy lol. Squirrel Hides Over 150 Pounds of Nuts in Chevy Truck in Four Days
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    Celebrity in the house?

    That car is beautiful.
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    Stuck on the couch, no beer in the fridge

    Too bad FAA grounded em.
  19. ESOXER

    my home town

    If we ever get stop and go lights, I'm moving.