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  1. ACME A12

    Here are Z28 pictures as promised.

    That's because they are better that way. I played with this one for about 20 years. It had a narrowed 8.75" under it. Once a MoPar fan, always a MoPar fan...
  2. ACME A12

    Neighbor complains about my car.

    No shit. Nothing like a good necropost on a leisurely Thursday afternoon... :monkeyleft:
  3. ACME A12

    Organisol Paint questions.

    Yes, they did. Nailed it. Organisol has a textured finish. It doesn't have a matte or suede finish and it did not get used on dashes. At least not from the factory...
  4. ACME A12

    We have all seen the "Proto-type" 4-door Cuda', but a 4-door Mustang?

    True...but that bar is set pretty low...
  5. ACME A12

    The not a meme meme thread

    So now I had to google Victor... This is Victor. No idea who that other guy is... Eric Braeden Reflects on 40 Years as Victor Newman on 'Young & the Restless'
  6. ACME A12

    Torq Thrust Wheels

    Not according to this... TORQ THRUST D
  7. ACME A12

    Neighborhood Facebook Group Provides Helpful Warning That Some Teenagers Are Outside Skateboarding

    This is a sadly hilarious story... "Skateboarding leads to drugs"... :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  8. ACME A12

    Markel/Essentia Insurance Company (AKA Hagerty) Price Increase More Than $100 Over Last Year

    I have seen/heard several people stating the same thing. I sold one of our cars earlier this year. Assumed I'd get some money back - prorated and proportional (6 cars insured with them) of course. They sent me $7. Bend over and grab 'em...
  9. ACME A12

    Finding the history on your vehicle, what did you do?

    My RR came out of TX so about a decade or so ago I decided to contact the TX DMV and request any info they had on the car. I found a vehicle history request form on their website, completed it, and submitted it. Several weeks later they sent me all of the info that they had, going back to...
  10. ACME A12

    Looking for a reputable car transport company

    Another vote for Reliable Carriers. Congrats/good luck with the move.
  11. ACME A12

    The passing of my wife Gloria, and an unintended pun

    Sorry for your loss.
  12. ACME A12

    Time for the name game....

    Friend of mine used to have a brindle colored Boxer. Her name was "Cadence". I always thought that was a cool and unusual name for a dog.
  13. ACME A12

    Stuck on the couch, no beer in the fridge

    Only by those that have never experienced any back troubles. Then once they do, it is a moment of enlightenment surpassed by very few others.
  14. ACME A12

    New? Member - 69 RR

    Welcome aboard! A B3 coupe? Don't see a lot of those. Very nice.
  15. ACME A12

    69 Roadrunner Newbie

    Welcome aboard! Never enough '69 RRs around... :thumbsup:
  16. ACME A12

    Goodyear F60-15 date code help

    Light use - like on and off a trailer? Yes. Beyond that you're taking a chance... JMHO.
  17. ACME A12

    Goodyear F60-15 date code help

    Should be '77. By '87 pretty much everything was radial...I remember seeing a post on another forum from a guy that worked at Goodyear in the eighties stating this which is my information source. I have no personal knowledge, just to be clear.
  18. ACME A12

    What car were you driving the first time you clocked 100 mph or more?

    1970 Duster 340 on Okinawa in 1979. Speed limit on most of the island was 50 KPH - only 31 MPH. My dad had to come get me out of jail once. That was fun. Thank god he was a car guy and understood...somewhat... Still have that car.
  19. ACME A12

    Women that you dated and the red flags that you DIDN'T spot until after the fact! The saga of the 15 year old!

    Thousands of illegals crossing the southern border every month and you're worried about one Russian. Jeez. Get a life.