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  1. mmissile

    They're building convertible challengers now

    Stripes and truck-flares are a bit played-out.
  2. mmissile

    Woodward Avenue

    I'll roll out tonite with either the Prowler or mom's old cuda.
  3. mmissile

    1,300HP Mercury Comet BRAKE FAILURE CRASH

    Lost me at the chebbie engine....
  4. mmissile

    Why MoParts sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just found this thread. LOL. I took the nuclear option one night, after a lot of tequila and becoming weary of the heavy-handiness of the pukes running the deal. Some people got to see my post. It was up for a few hours, as most of the nazis were sleeping. I haven't looked back....
  5. mmissile

    *unofficial what are you listening to?* thread

    This song is incredible.
  6. mmissile

    powder coat aluminum ???

    These guys have been doing custom stuff for decades. All my work is done here.... qc coatings shelby township - Yahoo Search Results
  7. mmissile

    Guide coat.

    You can use about anything, if it's to be sanded off.
  8. mmissile

    Lets see all the cool 66-67 b-body mopar pictures.!!

    Same car....3 builds.
  9. mmissile

    65 Coronet Driveshaft Length help

    This guys build a superior product. Great guys and reasonable. Driveline Measurement Guide |
  10. mmissile

    Torsion bars or sway bar

    I put a huge swaybar on my e-body ragtop. It has almost zero body roll.
  11. mmissile

    FOUND Wanted 1967 Coronet ac under dash vents

    I'm looking. My wife moved them from the house to......
  12. mmissile

    Mopar Nats In Cbus, who's going?

    Will be there. Always hang in the HDK tent/setup. Good cars and good friends.
  13. mmissile

    Show Your Car Hauler

  14. mmissile


    I love all dogs, so no need to "like" all the great stuff posted. We're Husky people, and have rescued them for 35 years. Our latest rescue, and our old guy.....
  15. mmissile

    new from detroit

    Welcome from Motown...