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    At a loss with my Drivetrain Vibration

    I have a '59 Cadillac with a 2 piece drive shaft. It is a real PITA to get the center carrier aligned with the transmission AND the differential. I have engine / transmission swapped many A & B bodies over the last 50 years and have never experienced the kind of issue you are facing. A few times...
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    Pinion angle help

    Did you remove the drive shaft when you did the work? Is the drive shaft phased correctly?
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    Which muscle car is ugly?

    My '62 Savoy is considered ugly by most. I think it is as much about the reason you own it as it is the aesthetic that most judge it by.
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    Markel/Essentia Insurance Company (AKA Hagerty) Price Increase More Than $100 Over Last Year

    None of them are inexpensive. Values and prices of parts, labor and materials is through the roof. I have a friend who owns a custom shop. Builds 3 complete frame off cars a year and paints a couple a month. Paints a fair number of SEMA bound cars for other shops (Have paint gun will...
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    @Buffs52 I have a couple of these: DMS Equipment | Car Lifts For Home & Business - DMS...

    @Buffs52 I have a couple of these: DMS Equipment | Car Lifts For Home & Business - DMS Equipment They deliver and install as part of the purchase price. Find them on CL in most major Texas cities. They are warehoused in Dallas. I like the fact that you can roll the 4 post around even with a...
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    Car trailers sturdy enough to haul a B body.
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    Car trailers sturdy enough to haul a B body.

    I like the Sundowner trailers, they tow great!
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    At a loss with my Drivetrain Vibration

    Driveshaft out of phase? Had this same issue, went to an old school driveshaft shop and they told me I was out of phase. There are a bunch of youtube videos that discuss this. Easier to watch than to try to explain.
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    unswedge me

    IDK, I purchased one in 2020, pricy but I have 5 or 6 cars/trucks that I knew I would eventually need one for. Have to say it works great. Might have gone with the diamond tipped hole saw but wonder about the actual amount of use I would get out of one. The one from Goodson is very well made, I...
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    unswedge me
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    Small Roller Cam's for B or RB

    Never really stated what lift I am looking for. Build will be a factory 400 in a daily driver '78 4x4. 452 heads with bigger valves and some minor bowl work, Holly EFI on an old school DP4B, Holly controller will control an MSD distributor. KB pistons to help increase compression a little and an...
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    Small Roller Cam's for B or RB

    Thanks, I will have a look.
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    Texas dream

    Just so you are aware the Austin/Hill Country area is now becoming California east. My sister and her husband moved the Austin 2 years ago and couldn't stand it. Decided to move to get away from Austin, moved to Dripping Springs area in a nice subdivision with 32 homes, 21 residence's are from...
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    Texas dream

    I have had some experience with this and there some "gotchya's" to be aware of. The biggest is that if the company you work for does not already have a presence/operation in the state you want to move to the company can be liable for payroll taxes and insurance rates in that state. Many...
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    Ticking/knocking after warm up

    Hi Volume over Hi Pressure. High pressure pumps can over power the rear main seals. Ask me how I know....
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    Small Roller Cam's for B or RB

    Given all the issues that seem to exist in the market with lifters these days I am considering a roller cam for my 400 build. It will be a very mild daily driver and looking for torque over HP. I have looked extensively but can not seem to locate an off the shelf roller cam from any of the...
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    Transportation Available

    I will be traveling from Houston, TX to Santa Fe Springs, CA (LA area) the week of April 18th. I will be pulling a 6 x 12 enclosed trailer. Trailer will be empty on the West bound leg but will be full on the return. If you need something transported let me know. Not interested in fighting LA...
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    Recommendations for Las Vegas Mechanics Shops

    Thanks, I appreciate it!
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    Recommendations for Las Vegas Mechanics Shops

    Spent lots of time in Munich, Berchtesgaden, Salzburg and the Lake District some of the most beautiful country in the world. However I can see why you call it the German, California (lol). I get tired of Vegas, at least the strip very quickly. First time I went was in the very early '70's. Lots...