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  1. pnora

    A bird in the hurricane

    Looked fake to me at first. Looking at the two garage doors its possible the high water surge lifted them and floated them through the doors.
  2. pnora

    1970 b-body steering column

    Way to many differences. My advice. Find a 70 column and sell off what you have.
  3. pnora

    Is there a rectangular seal under the 727 trans?

    Yes a rectangular cork gasket.
  4. pnora

    Emergency brake cable

    On my 69 I had to figure where they would run and cut slots in the connector.
  5. pnora

    66 11 inch brake does not have the adjusting lever or the cable guide. Is this a normal setup?

    Lower spring is either wrong or installed wrong. The coils should ride against the star wheel so it wont back off.
  6. pnora

    Fuel Fragrance Additive

    While your at it might as well also use this.
  7. pnora

    Plastic grill repair

    The problems with most epoxies they are not completely compatible with the part being repaired. The Acetone and plastic from a like grille will bite, bond and cure. The repair will be stronger and more workable that any epoxy. My experience is the epoxies look to have done their job but like to...
  8. pnora

    Plastic grill repair

    You find an old junk grille I was just going to post this method. Its what the pros use and it works.
  9. pnora

    What Moog Part Number Strut Bushings

  10. pnora

    1970 Charger vinyl top quater trim.

    There was foam seals from the factory ones have none. I used 3M strip caulk to seal mine.
  11. pnora

    Chrysler AirTemp A/C

    Right now all you have is a bunch of 51 year old parts. Who knows what it will take and how durable it will be for the long haul. I would get a Classic Auto Air or vintage system and be done with it. It will look better and function well.
  12. pnora

    Wrong brake parts, now losing pedal.Coincidence?

    Yes. You need to fully back off the emergency brake. Then adjust the shoes. Lastly final emergency brake adjustment. If you do not do this the first pump will require more fluid to compensate for the increased travel. You still could have a master bypassing.
  13. pnora

    Dillon Radiator Dropped the Ball

    So you paid for this radiator and never got it?
  14. pnora

    Wrong brake parts, now losing pedal.Coincidence?

    A lot of newer shoes are made that way. The slot actually has a round cut in it for the older pin style lever.
  15. pnora

    Wrong brake parts, now losing pedal.Coincidence?

    What year car? 1-Mismatched upper springs one is wrong, 2-Parking brake is fully applied. Needs to be fully backed off and then adjust service brake. 3-That spring and link at the adjuster screw is totally wrong.
  16. pnora

    4 speed bearing retainer question.

    Have a machine shop properly machine it to fit. That might cost more than finding the right one.
  17. pnora

    Distributor wire #1 position

    I prefer do do it just like it was when new. Get the drive gear correctly indexed and drop the dizzy in. No guessing later. Plus some caps are marked as #1. To me it just is right and makes a quick diagnosis easier if a problem pops up.
  18. pnora

    FOR SALE Mopar Performance valve cover set

    Your message box is full I e-mailed a buddy that I thought would be interested and he responded with this. Just so you know Mancini racing sells these new at 161.00 for the covers and 135.00 for the air cleaner. I realize you can ask what you want but knowing this may help the guy sell them.
  19. pnora

    Any idea what these back up lights fit?

    Close but different. They might fit but with the socket angle it may play interference.