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  1. AR67GTX

    Carburetor rebuild?

    That is a risk but it wouldn’t stop me from opening the carb up and verify what’s in it. I had a Holley restored at Holley many years ago that was stagger jetted for a BB Chevy with an L88 intake. They threw my jets away and put stock L72 jets in it, forcing me to re-jet it again for the...
  2. AR67GTX

    FOR SALE 66 Satellite tail light lenses used - for sale

    Light gray spots on chrome trim. Lenses look good, no cracks. One has something on the lense in between two the the chrome bars (see picture). It may be adhesive or something. See bottom picture for this and spots on chrome trim. Need cleaning and polishing. $25 + shipping. Please...
  3. AR67GTX

    FOR SALE Interior door pulls for sale

    Two used interior door latch pulls. The usual small pitting but better than many and still have good shine. If someone wanted to, they are excellent cores for re-plating, but reproductions are as cheap as $35 and up now. $5 plus shipping. Please reply by PM.
  4. AR67GTX

    FOR SALE 2 used rear armrests in copper - for sale

    I pulled these out of a car in a salvage yard years ago because except for the weathered coloring, they seemed in good shape to be re-dyed, particularly if someone has a light copper interior. The ash trays are rusted. $10 plus shipping Please respond by PM If interested.
  5. AR67GTX

    FOR SALE Outside, remote control mirror for sale

    This was on my 67 GTX when I purchased it. I’m not sure if it was original or not. Over the years I replaced it with a reproduction. The chrome and glass both have gray spots so it’s strictly a driver quality unit and not for a restoration. Most of the hardware is with it. $10 + shipping...
  6. AR67GTX

    FOR SALE Side mount fuel cap - “A” body?

    I bought this cap with the understanding from the parts box, that it was a 66 Satellite cap. However, it isn’t. It has two equal width locking lug instead of two, different width locking lugs. Also the contours are off a little from the 66 fender and when installed on a 66 the clocking of the...
  7. AR67GTX

    FOR SALE 67 window cranks for sale

    4 used, original cranks - all knobs are tight. Chrome shows some age. 2 new cranks. I think these were some repro ones I bought years ago and didn’t use. The knobs are like the 67 pattern but are slightly different from the originals. $15 for all plus shiping. Please respond by PM.
  8. AR67GTX

    Carburetor rebuild?

    One word to the wise - if you send a carb(s) off to be rebuilt/restored - I strongly recommend pulling it apart when it’s returned and check the jets, rods, springs, power valves ( if a Holley), Venturi booster numbers, etc. I had a Carter restored last year and it came back looking like a...
  9. AR67GTX

    Carburetor rebuild?

    I got mine (also 66 Hemi) from Mikes Carburetors. It’s a good place for jets and rods too. Mike's Carburetor Parts Daytona and Allcarbs are two other potential sources. Some of them probably do restoration but I haven’t had any work done by them.
  10. AR67GTX

    Idiot lights

    My setup in my 66. I wish I had gone with larger gages but they might get in the passengers way then. I do plan to bring them out a little further when I get time.
  11. AR67GTX

    FOR SALE RB Electronic distributor and MSD Box FS

    $125 + shipping?
  12. AR67GTX

    FOR SALE Rear defroster fan motor unit - no other parts

    Anyone want for $20?
  13. AR67GTX

    Odd Car show comments

    That would truly be deflating.
  14. AR67GTX

    Whats the best high temp paint for HP exhaust Manifolds?

    I have also had good luck with Eastwood manifold paint.
  15. AR67GTX

    Odd Car show comments

    I like my Buddy‘s response when guys walk up to his 69 Hemi Roadrunner and ask if it’s real? In his best southern drawl he will reply, “Sure it’s real - you’re looking at it aren’t you.”
  16. AR67GTX

    Odd Car show comments

    3 or 4 must be a regional thing (maybe as in neighborhood small) I‘m always amazed at how many people stare into the engine compartment of my 67 GTX with a 440 hood ornament and a pie pan on the air cleaner with 440 Super Commander in big, bold print - and then ask if it has a 383 motor.:rolleyes:
  17. AR67GTX

    SOLD 67 Belvedere tail lights FS

    Here are some more photos of the bezels. The first 2 are the top of the bezels. Then the sides. The bottoms have slightly more pitting and gray spots than the tops. The last photo try’s to show a slight crack starting in the corner of I believe the right one. It starts from the inside...
  18. AR67GTX

    SOLD 67 Belvedere tail lights FS

    Someone has spoken for the lenses and bezels but first asked for more detail. In the event he decides to pass on them then I’ll see if someone else wants any or all of them. These are strictly driver quality and have some issues. Lenses - the left one is pretty much perfect as far as I can...
  19. AR67GTX

    SOLD 66 Satellite trunk emblem - original FS

    I think this is where the emblem came from (67 Satellite rear seat) as depicted by Scott above. The brushed chrome plate was added when the GTX emblem was mounted.
  20. AR67GTX

    SOLD Used & repro 66 window cranks

    66 window cranks are taken.