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    Oi !

    Let’s see all those mopars from any where not the USA
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    452 heads

    Does any one have any experience in shaving a set of 452 heads ? How much would I have to shave them to gain a point of compression ? 50k ? I’ve read they’re a decent head. I was just thinking I could pull the heads off have them shaved run some mls head gaskets. Maybe slide in a cheap cam. Just...
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    Hill Billy do what hill Billy does

    I don’t have this tattoo that says hill Billy for nothing !!!
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    Full frame ?

    My brother is wanting to put his spare twelve valve in a 66 polara. I know some where in there they went from a B-body to a C-body. Does that mean they went to a full frame ? Him and I have been discussing weights and what nots. What would have to be done to make the polara have a happy...
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    What year did they fix the 8 3/4 problem

    Idk anything about the 8 3/4 except it’s a third member and early editions have some sort of Achilles heel. What was that and what year did Chrysler remedy the problem?
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    66 polara ?

    My brother acquired this, 66 polara I think, he’s doing a Cummins swap. Then we’re going to work out something for the 440 under the hood. But it’s s it a 66 polara? Im just guessing here. Anyone?
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    Dakota 5 speed

    Has anyone ever tried or ran a Dakota five speed in there classic ?
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    Locked out

    Well I was going to try and get the quad cab into my little car port deal. When I locked myself out. The guy I bought it from had taken all the tumblers out to do body work. Any one know how to get in a 64 polara with out a key or tumblers ?
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    Thank you

    Hey thank you all for the info and such. I never knew how useful and cool forums could be. It’s like Facebook only it doesn’t suck. I’ve been busy collecting some 440s. Next I’m throughing some headers on my ladies imperial. But I’ll be getting some pics of the quad cab soon ish.
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    Moto home bb

    Does anyone know how to figure specs on a Moto home 440 ? Cam specs, valve size, pistons, compression ratios, etc short of stripping it down…..
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    Moto home big block 727

    So I’ve acquired a couple 440 motor home drive trains for the quad cab. I’m not sure how many actually miles are on them the. Both od’s say in the 50k rang, both in the 70’s. I know the motors suffered from Cali smog B.S. But are the trans some how choked to or better or…….? One more thing can...
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    The heart trans plant for the quad cab has been removed. 440 motor home power here we come !
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    64 polara BB swap

    Has any one used Schumacher mounts to put a later model 440 and 727 in an earlier b-body ? Or know of another brand of mounts that will work ? Also if driveline needs shortened lengthened modified. The quad cab is currently sporting a poly 318 with I don’t know what auto. I hope to be yanking a...
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    I’ve just purchased a 1965 polara quad cab. I’m trying to figure out what’s up with the wheels on it. The fronts look like your standard dodge wheel excepting a regular dog dish hub cab. But the rears look wider with a big lip and look to except inserted center cap of some sort. I have no clue...