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    WOM or not?

    Can’t decide if I should put wheel opening moundings back on or not. My originals are too far gone, so I would be looking at repops. Can anyone tell me how the repops fit? I have tried to reuse as many original parts as I can because I have been disappointed with most reproduced parts thus...
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    Any good alignment shops in Phoenix, AZ?

    Anyone know of a good place to get a wheel alignment done on one of these old cars is the Phoenix/Scottsdale area? I took it to one today and could barely drive it home it pulled so hard to the right! It drove almost perfectly going there, but took it in anyways to have itchecked out by...
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    Check for exhaust leaks by pressurizing?

    I saw on YouTube yesterday someone was checking for exhaust leaks by adding pressure to his exhaust system by switching his vacuum hose on his shopvac to the exhaust outlet and then shoving the hose in the tailpipe. He then simply sprayed down all his exhaust joints with soapy water and looked...
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    Is this transmission from a 1970 Hemi???

    Hello, I ended up bringing home an assortment of parts yesterday all because I had my eye on one of the transmissions included, an A833. As I was looking over the other parts, one of the transmissions looks to be a tf 727, but the transmission ID has one to many numbers stamped……it looks like...
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    FOUND 1969 B body Buddy seat brackets

    Looking for buddy seat brackets for a 1969 Sport Satellite. I have decided to take the console out and put in a buddy seat….any help in locating these would be appreciated!
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    8mm plug wires in factory holders / retainers ???

    After ordering Denso 7mm "direct fit" plug wires and seeing how poorly they fit, I returned them and got a set of MSD wires that will allow me to make them the lengths I want, but they are 8mm. Is it just a matter of trimming the plastic retainers on the factory wire holders to allow the 8mm to...
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    Connecting new Denso alternator

    Good morning, I decided to upgrade my alternator during the reassembly process of my 1969 Sport Satellite, 440, 4spd. I ordered a new AC Delco “Chrysler Family” 90 amp NipponDenso alternator from Rock Auto ($131). It fits great after trimming 1/4” off of the original cast alternator bracket...
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    Everything powered when key turned to left???

    I got all my wiring in place and connected today in my 1969 Sport Satellite and hooked it up to a battery! Most things worked, some didn’t (biggest concern was the 3 speed wiper switch acting temperamental and not consistent in operation)....but one thing that jumped out at me is that when I...
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    Thinking ahead.....adding a tachometer

    I am thinking I may want to add a tachometer at some point. My dash is in the car, but still tilted downward and I can reach and work behind it if needed, so I am thinking now is the best time to prepare wires for a tachometer. If I understand correctly, an aftermarket tach will need 4...
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    Where does trunk bulb socket attach?

    Good morning, sitting here scratching my head because I can’t figure out where the trunk light socket attaches. I know what general area because of the switch...... I should have taken more pics when disassembling! Any help?
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    WTB Speedometer cable plastic end

    Looking to see if someone has a good plastic end from a speedometer cable ( 1969 Sport Satellite).... perhaps from a cut or damaged cable where it is not useable as a whole cable anymore? My plastic end broke off but the rest of the cable seems in good shape. It looks like just the plastic end...
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    Help needed with instrument panel harness

    Can anyone help me identify these instrument panel wires from a 1969 Sport Satellite with AC. I have the harness layed out on my work bench and some of the tags either fell off or I didn’t mark to begin with a year ago when I took it apart. Any help would be appreciated! black wire with a...
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    WTB 68-70 B body Glass run channel

    I know there are a few us looking for this same glass run channel, but I am need of glass run channel for a 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite 2 dr., I think the original Chrysler part number was #2932230......let me know what you have and how much pls. Thank you!
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    Where to get 1969 non-ralleye dash stencils?

    Can anyone tell me where to get the stencils for painting the standard non-ralleye gauges on a 1969 Sport Satellite? I ordered a set from Premium Dash Decals in Ontario, Canada over 3 weeks ago. Needless to say, I can't really get anyone there to find out where it is, if it has even been...
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    WTB 1969 Console top plate 4 speed

    Looking for a 4 speed console top plate for a 1969 Sport Satellite. Please let me know what you have. Thank you!
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    FOR TRADE 1969 auto console top plate for 4sp plate

    Looking to trade a very nice console top plate from a 1969 automatic Sport Satellite. It does have some pitting and is not perfect, but pictures show the condition. I am looking to trade for a 4 speed top plate in similar condition. I realize that 4 speed plates are a little more valuable...
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    Where does this part go???

    I purchased my car somewhat assembled, with a trunk full of parts. I have found where many of the parts belong, but this particular one has me anyone? 1969 Sport Satellite
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    Rust holes in dash lip

    Media blasting revealed some rust thru holes in the windshield lip of my dash...1969 Sport Satellite....does anyone make replacement metal for these dashes? I don’t remember seeing any thing offered. I looks like a difficult piece to pound out of flat metal. Any other suggestions on how to...
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    WTB Temp control cable 1969 B body with AC

    Looking for a temperature control cable for a 1969 Sport Satellite with AC. I see the cable without AC is readily available, but it appears they are not the same. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Powder coating dash

    I am in the process of restoring my dash and am thinking of sending my dash frame out to be blasted and powder coated in a matte black finish. I think it will be a good durable finish. I would like to also have the ac vents and ash tray door powder coated to match. My question is do these ac...