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  1. 67belvedere/225

    Header gaskets or no?

    reflex gaskets are the best , I coat them with copper grease and install them the key to exhaust gaskets is always keep retorting them after they do a few cylcles and making sure your headers or manifold is straight , check with a straight edge
  2. 67belvedere/225

    Converter Stall Rpm Question

    sounds awesome , hope you find a racer, and would love a video of your car launching
  3. 67belvedere/225

    Fuel tank questions

    I I bent the ring more to give more clamp
  4. 67belvedere/225

    I've always been a charcoal griller...

    I got a couple big steaks to go on the bbq tonight . got a big bag a charcoal at Costco
  5. 67belvedere/225

    Friction modifier for Sure grip

  6. 67belvedere/225

    Friction modifier for Sure grip

    I used licks oil with it in it already , 8 1/4 sure grip and 20 000 miles on it going strong
  7. 67belvedere/225

    Benny Perez

    welcome from Canada eh
  8. 67belvedere/225

    Did we *not* go to the moon?

    Joe Rogan had Oliver Stone on his show and he is doing another Documentary on it , ye the jfk thing the more you look the more the official story is one big LIE
  9. 67belvedere/225

    Jegs, the Famous Auto Parts Catalog Company, Sold to Private Equity Firm

    who's bigger Jegs or Summit , I just ordered some stuff from speedway motors , service was good Summit has great shipping to Canada ,
  10. 67belvedere/225

    WTB In search of B Body
  11. 67belvedere/225

    School me on torsion bars

    I wouldn't buy use t bars myself , unless that you know they were put in the proper way / side I bough mine direct at my local dodge dealer, so cheap . I looked pop number on summit P something and then they sold them to me , same day they stock them at thew depot , even my leaks I got through...
  12. 67belvedere/225

    New guy from California...

    my friend has had colitis for 25 years now and it s not easy but he staring and living life to the fullest happy new year and all the best wishes to you and yours
  13. 67belvedere/225

    New guy from California...

    welcome to the site ,m lots a good help here
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    Went over to see a neighbor

    I have a client and recommissioned her 1975 318 standard transmission no power brakes.her dad bought it new , when he died it stayed outside for 16 years . and I did everything from a -z mechanical . she is around 40 115 lbs 5.4 woman, Her other ride is a Ducati ! fun van its a dull yellow ...
  15. 67belvedere/225

    Went over to see a neighbor

    yes but if you love cars and history of them , it should be priority . its not like its in a barn , these cars out in the field , so sad they could be saved .
  16. 67belvedere/225

    Went over to see a neighbor

    I hate these people who hold on to them and there just sitting outside rotting . give it up and let someone restore it , usually they let it go to far and its just junk
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    fantastic news , whats the baby's name
  18. 67belvedere/225

    Nice low mile Cordoba on BAT

    nice ride , love those years , and a 360 , sure grip !!! a lot a fun
  19. 67belvedere/225

    Suspension Suggestions for 70 B Body

    I got my front torsion bars and leaf spring from my local dealer ! cheap in stock ha for a 50 plus year old car. I look up the Mopar performance number on summit and call dealer. great prices
  20. 67belvedere/225

    Suspension Suggestions for 70 B Body

    im not a fan of poly bushing there so squeaky , unfortunately super pro don't make bushing for molars just British stuff there above the rest so so good ,