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  1. 440rb

    650+hp stroker from a 400 block

    Hi guys, got a friend with a 3700lb Chally who currently races in our NSS class with his 440, I posted it in the 10 sec brkt. He's just bought a std. bore 400 block (3698630 400*8) and is looking to build a 650hp+ stroker. The car has a good chassis going 1.56 60's@11.0's>11.1's@121 best...
  2. 440rb

    Ideas on new motor or stay with stock stroke

    The car (challenger) I posted in the 10sec combo section is a guy I've been discussing his next move for 10 sec ET's even though he is running in our NSS which is a brkt class. He is quite knowledgeable running his own shop but will listen and learn unlike most who think they know it all. Its a...
  3. 440rb

    How to run brkts consistently

    As I see it the way to run the number every time as I saw this weekend gone at our Doorslammers event and as I have always thought it to be was either to use a 2 step or a brake and take into account conditions of course, would you guys agree that was the best way, and I'm talking within a few...
  4. 440rb

    not a B but thought you may like to see this?

    One of our top runners on a slow mo leave, full weight 3900lb car, 580 wedge> :thumbsup:
  5. 440rb

    ET/MPH change due to wind direction?

    Just wondered what your thoughts were on what happened Sunday 20/Sept at the T&T and whether the true potential of the car shone out, or weather the Tailwind on day(10>15mph) helped....some facts> Track>...SPRaceway, temp similar to before, same level of grip, DA very similar to before around...
  6. 440rb

    Mopar is back at Indy in PS it seems.

    Anyone that follows PS, I don't, but read on another Forum posted by the man himself Alan P. that he intends to give the Cheb guys a run for their money at Indy if you've not heard already.
  7. 440rb

    '69 RR 589ci Mild Wedge race results

    Just a quick mention of todays racing@SPR with my mate's brand new combo...race weight 3836lbs. Nice day but with a nasty 30mph+ headwind. Driver never driven anything like this so big learning curve...previous best was 12.49@105 with mild 440 combo. 1st 2 runs taking it easy I was told was...
  8. 440rb

    Here's some Good News! If you haven't already seen/read about it:thumbsup:
  9. 440rb

    low first gear 727

    This is a follow on from my carb thread. I now have some more info on what were doing next year, the car> '69 Roadrunner approx 3850@the line...brkt car Motor 589 wedge, 10:1CR, 694hp@5500, 724ftlbs@4400, 4.500 crank, we won't talk about bore size, thats another complete topic on its own...
  10. 440rb

    Opinions on best carb for big wedge street/strip motor

    Hi, were running my mates RR next year with a totally new combo, I don't know all the full spec but can tell you what I know, car will be raced and run in brkts and on a lot of short trips on the street, would appreciate your thoughts. 3850lbs?...10:1cr 589ci, 4.500x4.625? Mega Block, -13's...
  11. 440rb

    Hello from the UK

    Hi all, thought I'd say hello....used to run a 340 from 1980>1987, then a 440 till 1991 when I retired from Drag Racing having reached my goal of a 9 sec pass.... neither were B-Bodies I'm afraid.....haven't raced since then but still interested in the Tech and still visit SPR quite often.