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  1. aussiewannabee69

    Brake fitting size on Distribution block

    Hi im about to buy some brake fittings, just need to know what size the brake fittings are out of the distribution block to the rear brakes.
  2. aussiewannabee69

    Question about sanding.

    This is my first attempt at body/filler/paint work so I don’t really know to much about it all. I’m smoothing out the engine bay on a 69 coronet and have done the metal work, sprayed with epoxy then done the filler work. Once I got the filler down I blocked it with 40 and then 80. Then sprayed...
  3. aussiewannabee69

    Camshaft ID?

    Hi Just looking for a camshaft ID. Camshaft is still in the block at the moment. All I can get from it is “SCH 55”at the front end. Rear end has USA. The shaft is grey. I’ve tried looking up SCH but nothing comes up. Any info would be great Looks like maybe the valve seals are leaking oil...
  4. aussiewannabee69

    69 Coronet, 440 6 pack ex wannabee in Aus

    Hey guys, ive decided to document my build so far, the very small amount i have got done anyway. Back story on the car. I bought the car on ebay from a fella in Wisconsin a handful of years ago. Needless to say, i was lot more trusting and naive then. First issue was when it got off the boat in...
  5. aussiewannabee69

    TCI Streetfighter valve body clean out.

    Has anyone ever striped one of these down or have a link or pictures of the exploded view? I have disassembled the valve but only had the 727 service manual and the obviously have a ball where the standard valve doesn’t. I’m pretty sure I know where it goes. The casing has a witness mark where...
  6. aussiewannabee69

    Torque converter guru needed.

    Hi I’m tearing my transmission down due to finding some blackish sludge in the pan along with some small aluminium fragments. I’ve found where the aluminium fragments are from. Planetary gear carrier has worn through. Just wanting to know how to check my converter to know if it’s ok or toasted...
  7. aussiewannabee69

    727 TCI Streetfighter question

    Hi have a 727 street fighter that’s out of my 69 Coronet with a 440 6 pack. I have a owned the car for about 5 years but have never driven it. I recently pulled the sump pan and have found a few small metal fragments and a fair bit of black sludge. I imagine the black sludge is the clutch packs...
  8. aussiewannabee69

    Frame rail surprise.

    Hi all. I Was in the first stage of cleaning up my engine bay, cutting and smoothing it out. First part was the battery tray, at some stage in its life it had been given a fibreglass patch. At least that won't rust. So I cut that out and then thought about making the frame rails look nicer by...
  9. aussiewannabee69

    Question on 69 B5 colour

    I have a 69 B5 coronet that needs a new paint job. I've been looking at other 69 B5s on the net and I don't know if it's the photos but it seems some are different colours. Wanting to know which shade is the correct one. I believe that the colour changed in 71? And the paint code in 69 is EB5?
  10. aussiewannabee69

    Caliper rubbing rotor

    Hi I'm in the process of tearing down my 69 coronet. I have found that my RHS rotor is rubbing on the caliper. I've pulled it apart, cleaned it up and it still rubs. I'm glad I made the decision to completely re do the car before driving it. Have found a few issues from one of the previous owners.
  11. aussiewannabee69

    Brake ID please.

    Can someone please tell me what type of brakes these are and what year. The car they are in now Is a 69 coronet. Don't believe rhey are original. Looking to get new seals and pads and would like to order the correct stuff. I
  12. aussiewannabee69

    looking for advice on suspension, brakes etc

    Hi guys im about to pull the trigger on some PST gear. Im looking at the Poly Performance super front end kit, LCA rebuild kit and the 1.03 torsion bar set up. The car is a 1969 dodge coronet,440 6 pack, front disc which i believe are an early 70s set up and rear drums. Although ive had the car...
  13. aussiewannabee69

    Torsion bar id

    Does anyone know how to ID these? Just pulled them out of a 69 Coronet
  14. aussiewannabee69

    Windscreen differences

    Would anyone be able to tell me if the 69 Charger and Coronet have the same windshield? Im in Australia and the local glassy is having trouble locating a Coronet windscreen. The only windscreen that comes up is for a Charger. If they are the same that would be great, but im doubting it. Cheers
  15. aussiewannabee69

    Been offered a Dana 60

    Car is 69 dodge coronet-440/6 pack. A guy I work with has a dana 60 with 4.11 gears in it. Wants 400 bucks Aussie. I think them gears might be too high as it will be a cruiser with the occasional blast. The current diff is only a 8 1/4. Is it easy and affordable to change over gears or would it...
  16. aussiewannabee69

    3 point seat belt question- integrated with seat

    Hi ive seen a Mopars on the net with an integrated seat belt in the seat. Has anyone done this? im on the lookout for a set of seats like this. or another option i have seen done is instead of connecting the shoulder point on the roof in attaches on the front part rear access but is down low so...
  17. aussiewannabee69

    Body filler process questions

    Hi guys I'm looking for a good book/dvd or something to show me what the process is from after the panels have been metal finished all the way to paint. Eg what sort of filler, does something go on before filler,grades of sandpaper to use, as much info as I can gather before jumping in. Cheers
  18. aussiewannabee69

    Blown 440 6 pack?

    Hi is it possible to use a supercharger with a 6 pack set up? I've never seen one before and would like to know if it's an Avenue I can go down. I see with the superchargers they need a blow through carby, can the 6 packs be modified to that? Thanks
  19. aussiewannabee69

    Need help on body work. So much bog..

    Gday b body peoples. I noticed on my left fender the lower style line was kinda flat. So I thought there must have been a small dodgy repair previously done. What I found was multiple repairs over repairs.a few layers of paint and bog covering a few dents. I have attached pics of what has...
  20. aussiewannabee69

    Does anyone have Iron works switches

    I've purchased some Ironworks2 & 3 position switches. On the three position switch both Pins are powered in the final position for the switch. Off-park-headlights. I've asked Ironworks for a drawing or some help but they responded with any professional could work it out. So I'm asking you...