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  1. GrabberOrange69

    My heart is broken….

    That sucks. Sorry to hear!
  2. GrabberOrange69

    Happy Easter !

    Thank you, and happy Easter to you too!
  3. GrabberOrange69

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    I blatantly mined this meme. Too good not to share:
  4. GrabberOrange69

    1964 Wagon Tire Size Help

    This is a 65...so what I now understand has a wider 8 3/4. But I have 15x8 TTDs 4.5 BS with 275 60 15s on the back, TTD 15x6s on the front with 205 75 15s. Every now and then it will rub on the rear drivers inside fender making a hard right turn.
  5. GrabberOrange69

    Pics from Back in the Day

    Midget Twins Gas Station (yes, real)
  6. GrabberOrange69

    I'm BACK from The Valley of the BANNED.

    I just figured you were heads down under the hood of your ‘70s. But welcome back!
  7. GrabberOrange69

    Anyone running Shell Rotella oil? How is it doing for you?

    I run it in all my vintage cars. But I’ll caveat that I don’t have anything with more than a mild street cam, all single valve springs with damper. I would switch to VR1 or Brad Penn if I was reving lots and had a lot of pressure over the cam nose with dual springs.
  8. GrabberOrange69

    Trixie Norton won't be down

    Bummer. Some great television! She was fantastic vs Ralph. And supportive of Norton. I think my favorite skit on Honeymooners was the “Addressing the Ball” golf lesson.
  9. GrabberOrange69

    New guy from the PNW with an early B

    Welcome from Yakima! Love the 65s!
  10. GrabberOrange69

    Chargers for sale by crack addicts

    Ready for your dreams! 17,500.00 cash 1968 Dodge Charger
  11. GrabberOrange69

    Death on three wheels.

    I love it!
  12. GrabberOrange69

    Old NASCAR was the best!

    Amen to that. Real cars. Production based engines. Drivers with bowling sized balls.