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  1. LowBikeMike

    FOR SALE 2949055 69-440 26" Radiator

    sent pm
  2. LowBikeMike

    Where do these go? Under dash bracket and White plastic clips.

    Clips go on steering column mesh area
  3. LowBikeMike

    What winch are you using on your car trailer?

    Smittybilt 9.5k with detachable plate from Speedway. Same price as HF Badlander. OE on some trailers. It's heavy but works great.
  4. LowBikeMike

    Good News: New Summit Discount Coupons

    Thanks for the code. Much appreciated.
  5. LowBikeMike

    AC car - conversion to new AC - advise

    I would replace the condenser and drier. Charge it up and check performance before replacing more parts. If fitting was compromised, refrigerant likely leaked causing your poor cooling.
  6. LowBikeMike

    What am I missing?

    You're not missing anything. Those two pieces just fit together, piece on left button up against center vent. Pretty sloppy fit.
  7. LowBikeMike

    Oak island

    It would be interesting to know how much total time is spent introducing the same people to the audience EVERY time they appear on camera.
  8. LowBikeMike

    1968 Road Runner Heater Assembly ?

    That part is not reproduced and they are a bit hard to find in good condition, but they are out there.
  9. LowBikeMike

    Heater Core replacement on 72 non-AC Charger

    Send to Glen Ray for rebuild
  10. LowBikeMike

    I go in for tire repair and the man asks about my windshield wipers.... ???

    Any time a repair order is written in CA a tire pressure check is required. Sounds like they added wipers. Thank your state government.
  11. LowBikeMike

    Amazing Rescue in KY while a Semi dangles off a bridge over the Ohio River

    Glad she's okay. First thought was hoping it wasn't our truck that runs to Louisville daily. That kingpin setup is pretty solid, although the truck is generally the lightest part of the load
  12. LowBikeMike

    How to make a better home cooked hamburger ?

    One raw egg and a envelope of Lipton Onion Soup mix to each pound of Ground Beef. Patty em up and cook.
  13. LowBikeMike

    Jumper cables? Nah....there is a newer, better way to go.

    Have both the JNC and NOCO on the farm. Both are good pieces, the JNC can really take some abuse.
  14. LowBikeMike

    Faltering with high revs

    I think you need to talk louder, cause people ain't listening. Ask me how I know.
  15. LowBikeMike

    1970 GTX, A/C issue on center vents

    The only normal operational change between MAX AC and AC is the fresh air door position. In MAX the fresh air door is closed, only allowing cabin air in, in AC the fresh air door is opened to allow outside air into the evaporator. The position of the bypass valve or water valve does not...
  16. LowBikeMike


    Still getting message your inbox is full, can you PM me?
  17. LowBikeMike


    @Cawley please clear your inbox, attempting to send you message
  18. LowBikeMike

    Detonation after distributor cap install.

    Under what conditions does it detonate? Normal driving, heavy acceleration? I run a Unilite and get detonation in 4th gear mid to full throttle or heavy load.
  19. LowBikeMike

    727 Transmission Leak!!!

    Obvious not the same transmission, but I had a Fordomatic in my 57 Retractable that wouldn't stop leaking until I put washers on the front pump retaining bolts. Not sure how the fluid got there, but the washers stopped the leak.
  20. LowBikeMike

    SOLD 69 GTX

    No heater hose connections either??