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  1. ianmont

    Drum to Disc Front Brake Conversion Kit

    The bigger the bore the stiffer the pedal feel is. Having a larger bore doesn't necessarily mean more pressure so either would work for front disc and rear drum.
  2. ianmont

    Drum to Disc Front Brake Conversion Kit

    This is what I ended up buying, http://www.ebay.com/itm/331658033944?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT , a 1 1/8th bore.
  3. ianmont


    I'm pretty sure that I'm going to try EFI after I have bodywork done this winter, can't afford both! I'm debating between FiTECH or the Holley Sniper. Both seem easy to install, easy to program and are reasonably priced. Just the though of better fuel mileage and easy hot starts make it worth it.
  4. ianmont

    Drum to Disc Front Brake Conversion Kit

    I ended up going with an SSBC kit on the front and the rear kit came from Summit. Very happy with the performance and plus the drilled and slotted rotors with the red calipers look awesome. Installing the brake booster was a pain, mainly due to the new brake lines I had to install. But overall...
  5. ianmont

    67 blevd. quarter panel fix update

    Wow, I would never even try doing quarters on my '66 Satellite. I ended up buying patch panels and am hopefully going to find someone in the Okanagan to install them over the winter. Good work, man!
  6. ianmont

    FOR SALE speedometer gears

    I'll take the 26 tooth one. I think that will correct my speedo.
  7. ianmont

    FOR SALE 1966 4 door belvedere parts

    Ok, thanks for the reply.
  8. ianmont

    WTB Power steering box for my 1966 satellite

    Hello, sadly USPS has lost my power steering box that was being mailed to Firm Feel to be rebuilt. So, I'm looking for a cheap box that needs to be rebuilt. Hopefully if you have one, you can mail it directly to Firm Feel instead of me. Thanks, Ian
  9. ianmont

    FOR SALE 1967 plymouth satellite parting it out

    I'm looking for a power steering box, got one?
  10. ianmont

    FOR SALE 1966 4 door belvedere parts

    Just saw the photo you posted of the steering box, sadly it's not power though.
  11. ianmont

    FOR SALE 1966 4 door belvedere parts

    Do you happen to have the power steering box?
  12. ianmont

    FOR SALE QA1 and hotchkis

    Curious what these are for as well, I'm looking for upper A arms.
  13. ianmont

    installed new flowmaster 40 system w/ h pipe

    That sounds awesome, nice looking car!
  14. ianmont

    Still looking for 1966 Satellite trim

    Hello, last week somebody sent me a private message stating that he had a set of trim for sale for my '66 Satellite. Due to the new website format sadly his message is no longer in my inbox so if you happen to see this, please message again, I'm interested in the trim. Or, if you, yes you...
  15. ianmont

    FOR SALE 66 belvedere and satellite parts

    I'm looking for the trim that runs the length of the car on top of the quarters and doors for a '66 Satellite.
  16. ianmont

    Can of rusty worms

    Wow, I'm totally impressed with your work. I'm in the same boat right now with my '66 Satellite. I decided to rip off the vinyl roof and ended up removing the rear window due to rust around the frame. Your posts give me the incentive to do my own work even though I have never welded.
  17. ianmont

    Opinion poll on '65 Satellite paint Job

    What do you have on your floor, its so shiny!? - - - Updated - - - What do you have on your floor to make it so shiny?
  18. ianmont

    How do you remove moldings / trim?

    I just tried the bottle opener on the drip edge molding and it worked like a charm! The window trim though, that's a whole different story...:black_eye:
  19. ianmont

    How do I remove trim from my '66 Satellite?

    Alright, thanks for the super quick replies, out to the shop I go!
  20. ianmont

    How do I remove trim from my '66 Satellite?

    So, I tore off the torn and tattered vinyl roof from my '66 Satellite recently and am un-sure on how to remove the chrome sail trim and Plymouth emblems. Are they held on by clips or just glued on?