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  1. Just Send It

    The Finest Collection I've Ever Seen

    They had a fricken Sherp! Rambo Lambo!
  2. Just Send It

    The Finest Collection I've Ever Seen

    Probably a Ford guy :lol:
  3. Just Send It

    The Finest Collection I've Ever Seen

    Gentlemen...Today I experienced something very special. Nestled within an unmarked warehouse in Salem, OR is home to one of the greatest automotive collections I've ever seen. It's called the "Brother's Museum" and it's an invite-only private collection of exotic cars of all makes and models...
  4. Just Send It

    Barn Find Purchases, Regrets and Successes

    Does a pole barn find count? I bought this Scamp about 4 years ago. It was purchased new in Oregon and spent its whole life here. Not a spot of rust anywhere. The factory paint is Winchester Grey. Was an original 318/904 car. It's now transitioning over to full time race car this season.
  5. Just Send It

    1963 Gas Gauge Dissection and Repair

    Thanks for sharing. I've considered a gauge replacement with something more modern. Here's my dumb question...Since my gauges are inverted and sweep from left to right, is there a way to reverse the polarity on a new gauge so that it defaults to the right (Empty) and then sweeps left (Full)...
  6. Just Send It

    1963 Gas Gauge Dissection and Repair

    I checked the limiter when I had everything disassembled and the voltage range was within spec. I'm not sure why that little wire keeps burning up. It's very fragile, so I'm wondering if when I soldered it, I put too much heat into it and made it too brittle. It seems to keep breaking right at...
  7. Just Send It


    I retrofitted Bluetooth Amp modules inside of my A and B Body radios. These modules are $25.00. With a little ingenuity and patience they can work and sound just as good as the aftermarket radios - all the while retaining the stock appearance. I kept the originals to the car and used some old...
  8. Just Send It

    Vegan 'Meat' Not So Good for You After All

    You mean the industry that has paid some of the largest consumer lawsuits in human history doesnt have our best interests at heart? Get outta here! Just remember, kids...The same companies that brought you Agent Orange in Vietnam (Monsanto) now controls the majority of the food we eat, the...
  9. Just Send It

    1963 Gas Gauge Dissection and Repair

    Well, Gents.... Much to my displeasure the gauge broke again. I guess that little wire on the inside is more brittle than I thought. It snapped right at the soldered joint. Major bummer I created a WTB ad if any of you guys have one lying around...
  10. Just Send It

    FOUND 1963 Dodge 330 Gas Gauge

    I am looking for a gas gauge for my 63' 330. Please let me know what you have! I tried fixing the stock one a few months ago, and I made a post about it. https://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/threads/1963-gas-gauge-dissection-and-repair.284889/ It worked temporarily but then the...
  11. Just Send It

    My new to me 63 Polara

    Welcome from Central Oregon! Nice project. 63' is my favorite year as well. Your grill looks like it's in pretty decent shape. How's the interior and trunk floors?
  12. Just Send It

    Hemi Hauler gets a ramp body

    That is cooler than the other side of the pillow. Bravo!
  13. Just Send It

    1963 4 speed?

    I have the factory T10 in my 63'. The 2nd owner installed it behind a 440 with ported 906 heads and a purple cam back in the 90s. It's a good transmission that has somehow survived slicks. I would put it back into the ecosystem. Someone that is restoring another 63 could definitely use it.
  14. Just Send It

    Lets see your cars!

    I finally finished rewiring my 63'. Everything forward from the firewall was replaced with new color-coded wires. I found an impressive amount of electrical cobblery once I cut the old loom off. Between the cracked 60yr old wiring, shady splicing, and lack of grounding - it's a miracle this car...
  15. Just Send It

    New member from Hillsboro Oregon

    Welcome from Central Oregon
  16. Just Send It

    Steering Wheel Restoration - DIY Project

    Home....It was so worth it
  17. Just Send It

    Steering Wheel Restoration - DIY Project

    Funny. I used your water technique to make the PC-7 more workable. That stuff is thick. Especially doing it during the Winter time. I broke a few popsicle sticks mixing it. The water helped.
  18. Just Send It

    Steering Wheel Restoration - DIY Project

    Good question. We're going to find out. I've used SEM's products for years and they've lasted as long as the prep work was done correctly.