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  1. 70redbee

    Happy Birthday 70redbee! (28th of May)

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Would have responded earlier but haven't felt well last few days. Starting to feel better..... SO AGAIN THANKS FOR THE HAPPY RESPONSES.
  2. 70redbee

    74 440 WEDGE WITH "dart" HEADS.

    So, if you wrote down all the casting #'s share them with us and we can help you figure out what you have there. A 4 post lift and nice tools doesn't make a mechanic that knows anything.
  3. 70redbee

    Square glass fuel bowl???

    Does it have a name or some kind of markings on it? It does look like an old sediment bowl from the 50s or early 60s.
  4. 70redbee

    good deal on a 383?

    Hopefully someone will buy it from him before you get back to him. Offering him $100 is like a slap in the face. Lowballing at it's best.
  5. 70redbee

    In appreciation for joey and all administrators on this board

    I also have to add my thanks to Joey and all the Mods for the best Mopar site on the Web. I belong to many sites and none even come close to being as good as B-bodies. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you
  6. 70redbee

    Jake is gone

    Sorry to hear of Jake passing. I've had to do it several times with pets and it is very hard to do, brings tears to the eyes of the toughest guys. Get you a new puppy, save the memories and Jake will be waiting for you when you get there. May God bless you and your family.
  7. 70redbee

    1st Ride in a Hemi Car...

    Permission granted.
  8. 70redbee

    Just had to post

    Looks like the body slid backward about 8" when he hit that tree to stop. Good derby car.
  9. 70redbee

    There are good people and bad people. A dog's story

    I agree with all above. I am a dog lover, lost my Lab 2 years ago to diabetics and now have a little Yorkie. I got my Yorkie from an animal rescue that got her from a puppy mill. All of these ******** who mistreat pets should have the same done to them. My little girl has not forgotten how she...
  10. 70redbee

    Gas tank always sucks air when opening

    Does your tank have a vent line? Check the cap for any damage and that you have the correct cap, some caps are vented, some are not. If you have a vent line, check to make sure it is open, could be closed due to dirt, rust or spiders and insects.
  11. 70redbee

    anyone come asross a factory oil pan bolt with 2washers?

    They are just trying to make sure you get more for your money. A happy and satisfied customer when you get 2 for the price of 1. Best hold on to that extra washer with all your oem parts for when all the cheap parts are gone.
  12. 70redbee

    mopar is junk now...

    I think Sleepar talks just to hear himself talk! Is anyone listening?
  13. 70redbee

    Removing blackness from polish/paint

    If it were me, I would call Meguiars and see what they tell you to try.
  14. 70redbee

    69RR Big electrical problem

    Glad you have your problem fixed. Problem is, there will be more. You really need a good FSM and the colored and laminated wiring diagram. Have fun with your Mopar but remember it is over 40yrs old and is going to need a lot of love and attention.
  15. 70redbee

    Comp Cams users share your video of your engine sound

    Be careful Prop, if he is gay, you may be getting a new Mopar...LOL
  16. 70redbee

    WTB WTB 1970 Super Bee

    What is your budget?
  17. 70redbee

    Why do people block their VIN before posting pictures?

    Dennis H, you show all your numbers but only half the car. How will we ever know it is yours without seeing the tires and wheels.
  18. 70redbee

    Heddman Elite Install?

    No answers on your headers, but a little help otherwise. Get rid of that orange oil filter and get you a Wix or Napa Gold. Those orange filters are completely junk, just do a search.
  19. 70redbee

    No FBBO t shirts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not all of us can afford a Gold Membership. I for one would love to buy a Gold, but at the moment can't do it. At some point and time I will, but not today. The same goes for shirts, keychains, decals,coffee mugs,hats and etc., but if I said I would commit to buy, then I would damn well buy. On...