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  1. Cojohnso1

    Jim Otto HOF center from the original Oakland Raiders AFL/AFC West, dies 86 years old

    RIP. That poor guy was debilitated by the years of football pounding he took. But also spearheaded changes that are still over due to this day of supporting veterans of seasons past.
  2. Cojohnso1

    Got it done

    I replaced my generic chrome air cleaner with a more period correct unsilence. The wing nut was a little tight. But got it off and replaced unit. Time for a well earned nap!
  3. Cojohnso1

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    I replaced my crappy chrome air cleaner with an unsilence. Not sure if this was an actual option for non airgrabber GTX in '69. But certainly matches black Mopar Performer valve cover and of course the Orange engine paint. I had to loosen wingnut. Replace unit. Then tighten wingnut. So It's...
  4. Cojohnso1

    South Korea's F-4 Phantoms Final Flight. For All Us Military Aircraft Enthusiasts.

    The F4 was the world's first true multi role fighter. And ushered in generation 4 fighter aircrafts. It was heavier, carried most ordinance and just out powered any fighter in the world upon its introduction. I lived in Duluth MN as a kid for a spell in the mid 70s. Just outside of what is...
  5. Cojohnso1

    Muscle car....?????

    I've heard the '49 Olds 88 argument. We are certainly never going to win every point of view here in a Mopar chat site.
  6. Cojohnso1

    Muscle car....?????

    Like I said. There are exceptions. As well as discrepancies. Technically Sport Fury was it's own model. Thus could arguably be the first true muscle car. Being it does check the boxes for '62-'64. But then went full size C Body in '65. And for that? Falls out of consideration. IMO.
  7. Cojohnso1

    Muscle car....?????

    Doesn't matter. Its the model. Not the base platform. And every rule has exceptions.
  8. Cojohnso1

    Muscle car....?????

    What differs? Savoy, Polara, Dart. ect had family car options. Like 4 door. 6 cylinder ect. GTO did not. It was Muscle or bust. Yes, this topic is very argumentative. The term "Muscle Car" wasn't used until later in the production's run. IMO. GTO was the first Muscle car.
  9. Cojohnso1

    Curious as to how many 73 GTX sunroof cars are known?

    Yes. RoadRunner had a ton of options. I have made the argument. By the time you checked the goodies you could have had standard with a GTX? But there were plenty that wanted the RoadRunner model to make theirs. And I believe the "Beep Beep" horn was only for RoadRunner? (And Superbird )
  10. Cojohnso1

    Curious as to how many 73 GTX sunroof cars are known?

    Yes. And Yes. "S" was "Special" That was only assigned to GTX. As highest priced model.
  11. Cojohnso1

    Curious as to how many 73 GTX sunroof cars are known?

    There is no RS23 model GTX post 1971. ('67-'71) U-codes RM23U are RoadRunners for 1973. With GTX package. (I believe for 1970. RM23U were Superbird?) I'm afraid from purist point of view? You are wrong. GTX models ceased after 1971.
  12. Cojohnso1

    Curious as to how many 73 GTX sunroof cars are known?

    No GTX produced in '73.
  13. Cojohnso1

    NEW here, with a Road Runner!

    Welcome. And she looks as if she deserves some loving. It's certainly the right year. Car of the year for 1969. And that says alot being I believe 1969 was the US best automotive design year in history. But that of course is a whole other debate topic. Lol.
  14. Cojohnso1

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    It was touch and go there for awhile.
  15. Cojohnso1

    Went to the dark side boys

    OMG! What is that red monstrosity? Is it a Fury that's sick? Can anything be done? My dad owned a '69 Buick Wildcat that looked something like that. They were dark times in my life. The gas gauge out ran the tachometer with that 430. But in all seriousness. There are certainly alot worse cars...
  16. Cojohnso1

    Highest resale color for a B Body?

    For me? I would not be inclined to entertain candy paint for classic Mopars. It's too over the top. And takes attention from the body designs in my opinion. Those paints work on vehicles like classic trucks. And others that need some bling. Some may disagree. That there is no such thing as...
  17. Cojohnso1

    Highest resale color for a B Body?

    Browns don't typically get the attention. But because Mopars typically have more visually appealing body lines? They can sport a wider range and wilder color combos. Case in point. Ever see a plum crazy purple Chevelle? First question everyone asks. "Why purple?" But a Cuda? "Awesome." A high...
  18. Cojohnso1

    Bought a Daytona...$400.00

    I know. I was there man! https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DS21N9XXdn20&ved=2ahUKEwj7v9jUzaKFAxXtmokEHbpfDFQQwqsBegQIFRAG&usg=AOvVaw3pD4P_JTCkXGPqbq5k4UdU
  19. Cojohnso1

    Curious for Opinions Here - What Percentage of Project Cars Actually Get Completed?

    "It will get done!" You don't have to keep reminding every 6 months? Geez Wizz!