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    WTB 1971 Satellite 4 door

    I have a 72 4 dr. 318 low miles and no rust but I'm in Ohio. I will be taking it to Mopar event @ Dragway 42 coming up. I had a guy interested in it last year but it was not in my name, it is now. One of the nicest unrestored ones you will ever find. I don't know how to post pics on here or I...
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    Shopping for a new Carb

    Yes, I second that sending to Woodruff for sure and get a good job ! Dave is great to work with.
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    Good Source for re-chroming bumpers.

    Hey GTX440, I have an original 71 GTX rear bumper that is real nice and doesn't need chromed if you have a need or know someone. I'm in Ohio
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    WTB 63 Plymouth hood

    I'm looking for a nice solid hood for my 63 Plymouth Savoy, I have a fiberglass hood with 63 scoop on it for trade & $$. I have hinges.
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    What does this machine do?

    Di-Acro was a company that made a machine that looks just like that but was hammer-tone green in color and I think they were made here in Cleveland Oh. We have several of these here on the lab @ Glenn. They are for sheet metal work , panels, bowes that need bent up ect... They have their place...
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    Happy birthday to mmissile

    Happy Birthday Mike ! from Ed's Welding in Ohio
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    Question: Does anyone analyze and rebuild factory original electronic distributors? 1975 Plymouth 318ci

    Contact Dave @ Woodruff Carb as he has an original SUN distributor machine AND he knows how to use it ! He has done MANY older dist. all with great success. On my last engine that we dyno'd the day before Christmas , his distributor & carb work made the difference and picked up the combo BIGTIME...
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    Finally time to pull the trigger . . . starting on the New (much anticipated) SHOP - Build

    Yes, the DiAcro bender is not really for tubing like for roll cage but for everything else ! That is a great piece of tooling, where did you get it ? They also made a punch & die that looks similar that we had at work.
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    Finally time to pull the trigger . . . starting on the New (much anticipated) SHOP - Build

    Man that bender is robust ! Is that a DiAcro brand ? Any tags on it ? I remember something like that made right here in Cleveland Oh. back in the day ! Nice score and great looking shop !
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    New to the 62-65 b bodies ! harder to buy than a 71 cuda ?

    I know what you mean, I recently purchased a 63 not running and am having a hard time locating a steel hood & hinges close to me. I think I have a line on the hinges from a guy up in Mich. I thought I saw a 63 Dodge project on here. Good luck !
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    SOLD 1963 Dodge 2 door post parts car

    No need to send pics, I thought it was a 63 Plymouth, so sorry ! nice parts car !
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    Finally got a score!!

    You sure did, I have a friend that has a garage & storage unit full of all kinds of mini bikes and go karts from the 60's . His main side hustle is making the seats. He's making Taco seats right now. I can get you in touch with him as he has alot of the motors that go on those bikes also. I...
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    SOLD 1963 Dodge 2 door post parts car

    Can you show a couple pics of the top & bottom of hood ? I'm in need of hood & hinges for my 63 but I might be to far away (shipping $$$ )Thank you
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    WTB Crane Big Block adjustable iron rockers

    65copcar, I am interested can you show me some pics ? Thanks
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    One 383 cylinder head to be machined and gone through

    I had a good motor that dropped a valve in one of my 906 heads that had ALOT of work done. I have the other head if you might be interested, nice porting work. Just thought I would ask.
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    WTB Crane Big Block adjustable iron rockers

    Hey 65copcar, Can I see what you have ? I might be able to mix and match a complete set ?
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    WTB Crane Big Block adjustable iron rockers

    Thanks gkent, but I need the other one ! And they are not rollers
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    WTB Crane Big Block adjustable iron rockers

    Thank you, I don't have it with me to look at but I will get back to you. How many do you have ?
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    WTB Crane Big Block adjustable iron rockers

    I recently had one of my rockers fail on the dyno, the bronze bushing came out of the rocker on the one side. Does anyone that has upgraded to roller rockers have any laying around that I can buy ? Thanks
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    WTB 63 Plymouth front hood

    I'm looking for a nice front hood that I can replace the fiberglass hood scooped pin on hood that I got with my car. There was a guy out in South Dakota that showed me a couple pics of some in a salvage yard out by him. I would like to know where that was , if he could chime in again I would...