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  1. 440Coronet500

    Sad day for the Roadrunner…

    That's a shame, hopefully you can save the car. Would have been much worse if it went undetected. 440'
  2. 440Coronet500

    cam shaft???...

    B/RB engines have the distributor in the front of the engine. Due to the rotating cam/intermediate shaft the cam is thrust rearward hence, no need for a cam thrust plate. 440'
  3. 440Coronet500

    Today was a good day for the '71 Charger 500.

    It's a great feeling when you get close to completing your project! 440'
  4. 440Coronet500

    1968 coronet.. can it be saved?

    You're in Texas, there has to be more solid cars to start with then that. 440'
  5. 440Coronet500

    I'm on the Ohio-Michigan line, and need cam bearings installed in a big block

    Performance Automotive in Hillsdale, MI. Steve Stratton will take care of you. 440'
  6. 440Coronet500

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all! 440'
  7. 440Coronet500

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all! 440'
  8. 440Coronet500

    1969 Charger R/T SE

    Nice work, can't imagine what it will look like once you complete it! 440'
  9. 440Coronet500

    Harmonic balancers aka Dampers

    SCAT makes a decent damper. 440'
  10. 440Coronet500

    1970 dodge charger rt 440 rear leaf springs

    I'd compare the pin location from the front of the spring mount between old and new springs. My new springs had more arc, but the pin location was the same. 440'
  11. 440Coronet500

    Beautiful '66, not mine

    My favorite interior of all time! 440'
  12. 440Coronet500

    Bird is all painted

    That one's got a Hemi! 440'
  13. 440Coronet500

    Wrong Balancer??

    That setup looks to be correct for an externally balanced engine. Do you know if that engine was built with a cast or forged crankshaft? 440'
  14. 440Coronet500

    Not sure where this vibration is coming from. .....

    You could try installing your driveshaft 180 degrees from its current location. 440'
  15. 440Coronet500

    Drive shaft What's this?

    Linear driveline damper, yes, you should use it. 440'
  16. 440Coronet500

    1968 Coronet R/T

    Keeping the RT was a better deal than keeping the ex, good move! That Coronet is beautiful! 440'
  17. 440Coronet500

    IT'S ALIVE!!‍♂️

    Congratulations, looks to be well worth the wait! 440'
  18. 440Coronet500

    Hearing loud banging under heavy acceleration...

    ESPO Springs and Things is what you need. You can get springs in various ride heights. 440'
  19. 440Coronet500

    727 Rebuild

    Those are balance holes. 440'