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    Door Hinge Rebuilding question

    I have also been a machinist in my career. I agree that MoparLeo does a great job of rebuilding door hinges. My question is why not machine some steel bushings (instead of bronze bushings) to press into the hinge after it has been reamed out to a size that fits the OD of the new bushing. This...
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    Coolant water frozen - what next?

    Thank you for correcting me. You are correct of course! my bad. I sincerely apologize. I have gone back and edited my post. Some things bug a person and I understand that. For me, it's when people refer to the Passon 5 speed transmission (made by Passon Performance) as a "Passion 5 speed...
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    Coolant water frozen - what next?

    Once thawed, check the oil for water in it. Check the cylinders for water and shoot some oil in each one just in case. Terry W.
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    Coolant water frozen - what next?

    That sucks. I had this happen on a numbers 383 in my Challenger R/T convertible I owned in the late 70s. The cast core plugs were intact, but it cracked the block. I hope yours will be better. I would get some heat on it if possible and keep it on there until nice weather returns. I like the...
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    Engine sounds terrible - unknown part under car!

    Then do it like they would on the farm. Drill a hole through the end of the shaft you are holding big enough to feed some baling wire through. Put it back in the exhaust manifold with a long piece of wire through the hole you drilled. Bring the wire around the manifold and twist the ends...
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    Engine sounds terrible - unknown part under car!

    It almost looks like that shaft was cut with a hacksaw. Terry W.
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    Anybody recognize these pinion snubbers?

    @hunt2elk. Old post, but I just saw it doing a search. It looks like the one on my 74 Charger shown below. Do you still have them? Terry W.
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    1974 charger gas tank q's

    When you say a non-expansion top, does that mean the top of the tank is flat rather than have the bulge like your stock 74 tank has? Just remember your trunk floor and braces have the bulge for the expansion gas tank in the bottom side of the trunk floor. A flat top gas tank like the 71-73 gas...