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  1. Under Pressure

    70 Bee M31 Body Belt Mld.

    It was also available on the 1970 GTX as optioned on mine
  2. Under Pressure

    Blue Thunder , 1968 Roadrunner

    Would love to have that for the Woodward Cruise and Roadkill Nights
  3. Under Pressure

    People doing stupid things

    I really am sitting here “Laughing out loud” (Hmmmm, I leave for work at 4:15am)
  4. Under Pressure

    People doing stupid things

    I know my neighbor is OCD, between 5pm and dark every Tuesday night he wil go back to his garbage cans 3 to 6 times and keep adjusting the lids and handles so they are perfectly aligned at a 90 degree angle, some times he doesn’t touch them, just goes in the street and looks back at them for...
  5. Under Pressure

    What is your claim to fame?

    Went in front of this judge at least 6 times in the 70’s for either drag racing, open alcohol, or looping on Telegraph, he never once jailed me! He was a good man
  6. Under Pressure

    New Member

    Welcome from the Motor City, and if yo need any specific pics just PM me, I’ve also got a 70 GTX
  7. Under Pressure

    SOLD Carter AVS 4429S

    Carter AVS H7 4429S auto/non A/C. Came off my running car, works well, all parts move freely, gasket kit 2 years ago. $350.00 Plus shipping Postal money order only
  8. Under Pressure

    Oak island

    Really bad fake news, I don’t watch those networks but that dude in the pic is NBC not CNN
  9. Under Pressure

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Worked on daughters car, bushings and links, no more clunk clunk. Then to mine to local cruise in It was a good day.
  10. Under Pressure

    1969 Dodge Charger R/T with sunroof only 325k (For sale, not mine)

    I remember as a kid my mom and dads kitchen was painted harvest gold with avocado appliances Oh the memories (Blah)
  11. Under Pressure

    Big Win today at Good Guys Car Show in Raleigh. NC

    Gorgeous car, well deserved win, be pretty cool is this was the start of a 22 year old lost and found story
  12. Under Pressure

    What does your spouse say?

    Mine says, Hold on, I got this!
  13. Under Pressure

    Interesting 1970 V Code Roadrunner

    Black 70 Lynch rd car, nice specs. Hope it works out for you!
  14. Under Pressure

    What winch are you using on your car trailer?

    No help for ya Kern, but this all I got
  15. Under Pressure

    Failed Smog !

    Not sure what standards were here in Michigan in the mid 1980’s to mid 1990’s but neither my 70 GTO or my 74 Trans Am would pass unless I did what the testing station told me to do and that was go out on the “nearby” X way and do some WOT runs, I would push the snot out of it and immediately...
  16. Under Pressure

    It Arrived 15 minutes ago 1970 Road Runner

    That’s why I gave up trying to use talk to text, wife would respond WTF??
  17. Under Pressure

    It Arrived 15 minutes ago 1970 Road Runner

    Wow, I just read this whole thread, and I thought that bbcharger500 dude a couple years ago was a piece of work
  18. Under Pressure

    Help Carb Removal for Cleaning

    Curious, is this an open port or a mounting point for the electric choke?
  19. Under Pressure

    You guys know I'm into '73 Grand Ams.

    Sure would like to have mine back, or at least find another one, sold after H.S