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  1. K

    another Canadian from Alberta

    Welcome. I've seen guys bring life back to cars in worse shape. I am sure you will be one of them. Good luck and can't wait to see progress pics.
  2. K

    Good Morning from Alberta

    Welcome Ironman. Pics will be good.
  3. K

    California Bee is in the garrage..! new guy here.

    I like your car and color! Very nice!!! My opinion is... You have a stripe, you would probably look best with a white top, if your doing biny top that is. A flat black six pack hood will look a bit off with a white stripe. Probably should have done a black stripe? So,I would go power...
  4. K

    Newb from Canada

    Welcome to the show.
  5. K


    This one http://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/showthread.php?63783-67-gtx-4sale
  6. K

    Hello from Ontario

  7. K

    Greetings from Vancouver Island, BC Canada.

    Sweet rides! Welcome
  8. K

    Hello New from Canada.

  9. K

    another new canadian member here

    Canadian eh. What's your team? NHL that is.
  10. K

    Hey there from calgary alberta canada

    Welcome fellow Cowgarian.
  11. K

    Hello from Alberta Canada!

    Hey man, what part of Alberta.