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    Calgary Members

    D&W awesome! Just had my block assembled and machined.
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    fuel pressure regulator install?

    Do you mean the barb fitting in the pic? On the reg there is usually a plug on the test port for a pressure gauge. It's option. Look at the quick fuel. Should be relatively the same. http://www.quickfueltechnology.com/fuel-pressure-regulators/low-pressure-regulator.html
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    fuel pressure regulator install?

    1/8 is for test port gauge. Bottom should be inlet. With 2 outlets, one with gauge looks like has been used.
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    fuel pressure regulator install?

    You can only use a return line if the regulator has a port for one. Which reg do you have.
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    Broken brake linkage...help

    This help? http://www.brewersperformance.com/proddetail.asp?prod=PBP-B Take off the top bolt and nut
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    Water pump fitings

    I would reduce it. Fitting should be at Home Depot.
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    Instrument Panel Led Lights

    Do you require a voltage limiter? I was told you do because of the LED's using less voltage. Cause wire to heat up maybe? http://www.rtspecialties.net/proddetail.asp?prod=2258413
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    68 R/Tcoronet- tail-panel

    It is not one piece. The emblem is riveted to the trim panel. The studs are in the new emblem so you can use self thread nut to attach to the tail panel.
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    Window Seal to Rear Quarter Glass

    Hi Guys, Can you help me with the seal that I am looking for on my 68 Coronet R/T. I need the seal that attaches to the chrome piece on the door windows and it seals the rear quarter window. Thanks, Kevin
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    Headlight upgrade

    Hey Rob, I sent you a pm at FABO
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    Removing double sided tape.

    Did you try some wd40?
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    Cleaning your wiring harness

    Buddy of mine sprays tire foam in the engine bay. Cleans up wires nicely I must say.
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    RMS 4 Link on Dana 60

    - - - Updated - - - Sure. How is your ride coming along.
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    RMS 4 Link on Dana 60

    Getting there. I only get 1/2 hr after work before I have to go inside and take care of the kids.
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    RMS 4 Link on Dana 60

    Nice day in Calgary. My mom took my 1 boy to my sisters and wifey took the baby to the mall. Worked with my dad on the Dodge. - - - Updated - - - Bent the tab that was interfering with the centre section. Welded up the seam... Voila... I have a 4 link. I have my suspension almost complete. I...
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    RMS 4 Link on Dana 60

    I'm slowly putting it on my 68 Coronet. I talked to Bill today. He advised to grind the inner mounting plate to fit. I'll try this weekend. Worst case I'll move the upper mounts outward.
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    RMS 4 Link on Dana 60

    Thanks guys. I watched the vid, that is an aftermarket D60. The centre section must be narrower maybe. I guess I am just going to have to make some new upper mount tabs and move the upper links outwards. If only I didnt get the upper bar welded in place this would be a lot easier...
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    RMS 4 Link on Dana 60

    Anybody here running a Street Lynx kit with a Dana 60? I'm having a few issues with regards to where to mount the tabs. On the drivers side it seems to be right on top of my axel vent. On the passenger side it's sitting on the housing. What's the best way to do this? Can I see some...
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    Apparently, crack does smoke itself...

    I'm gonna make a fake account and hit the "buy now"!
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    discount yearone

    Wed19 25% off. Ends tonight